The Renaissance By : Natalie Hernandez

Marco Polo And The Silk Road

The Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance. The Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance because of the tradeing all over the world. In the book it says that "people began to trade goods around Asia " (Holt, 300 ).What this is trying to say is that Marco Polo rooked his goods to trade with Asia . So this shows that Marco Polo increasetrade with Asia.

A picture of Marco Polo
Marco Polon holding a bow
The map that Marco Polo had traveled to get to the other side and trade

Italian Trade Cites-Florence

Medicil Family

Top left :is the Medial family on the top right :is the family again

Rediscovering The Past

R: The Greek and Roman classical ideas help the shape development of The Renaissance.

A: So how the Greek and Roman helped the development of The Renaissance on what they made then do to them

C: In the book it says that "they created new stuff to use in different city's to trade .

E: It means that they created new stuff to use in each other Trade city's .

S: It all says that they are trying to create stuff to use for many other Trade city's .

The top two are how Greek looks and the bottom under those two is also one of how Greek looks . The rest of them is how roman looks .

Leonard Da Vinci

The article just says about him . Also of what he did in his life . Also it just says what he did wild growing up.

Pictures of Leonard Da Vinci artwork he had done for years .


Paper And Printing (Johann Gutenberg)

All of these pictures represent how Johann Gutenberg printed stuff .

What he had on literacy was that he took most of this time on doing movable printing on letters or books .


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