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Model Homes/Buildings, Buildings and Homes Section

This section features the Greek's buildings, homes, and model buildings, using natural materials from nature. These houses, and buildings are very comfortable on their own.

A Church from Greece

This church is from Greece. It is made from clay and stone. It is built with pillars and a base. Many people go there to worship god or pray. One Greek church is in Toronto is the Greek Orthodox Church. If you want to see it, search it up. Small/Medium churches are 6000 dp each. Larger and/or good quality churches are 8000 dp each.

Not Satisfied?

If you are dissatisfied with the product, tell us and we will give you 10% off your next visit, or we will refund your money.

A Greek house

This is an Ancient Greek house. It is made from sun-dried mud bricks, stone, marble, pink of Epirus limestone, and wood. It is built in open air courtyards or open space areas. It is built that way because usually, in Greece, there are high temperatures. There is a bedroom, a men's dining room, a women's sitting room, a kitchen, a bathing room, and more (shown on diagram of house). Small Greek houses cost 1000 dp each. Larger Greek houses cost 1050 to 2000 dp each.

Greek Ruins

This is a Ancient Greek ruin. The massive foundation of the ruins are made out of limestone, and the columns are made of Pentelic marble. It is built with pillars and a strong foundation. Nobody particularly lives there. Cost 8000 dp each.

Clothing Section

This next section features comfortable clothing from the Greeks Enjoy these hand-made clothing!

A person earing a tunic

This person is wearing a tunic. This simple tunic is made out of wool fabric, and linen. The wealthy wore fancy silk tunics or a lesser fabric with silk trim, held by pins. Men and women both wore this tunic. They were also worn by plebeians (common people) and herdsmen. Some people call a tunic a chiton. This piece of clothing is made from the wife. Costs 10 dp each.

A Peplo

This is a Peplos (pep-lus) (or you can call it a peplus). Peplos are usually for women. They were usually made from heavier wool and a large piece of fabric. This is also made from a wife in a family. Peplos cost 15 dp.

This is a himation (hi-mat-ee-on). It is an outer garment that Greeks wear over the left shoulder and under the right. It is for adults and both genders (men & women) could wear peplos/peplus. Mostly, it acts like a shawl or cloak. They were made out of loosely woven thick wool. This is made from a woman (wife). Himations cost 10 dp each for simple. 15 dp for stylish.

Children wore himations, peplos, and tunics. Each cost 5 dp.

A Chlamys

Chlamys (kley-mis/klam-is) is a type of clothing men wear. It is made out of wool. Younger, active men wear a chlamys with a short chiton.

Religious/Specialty Items

The specialty/religious items section includes the original items used in Greece. We use fresh materials.

Laurel wreath

This laurel wreath is made from fresh bay leaves, olive leaves, or laurel leaves. The sticks/twigs are made from olive twigs. People can wear it if they win in competitions in poetry or sports such as the Ancient Greece Olympics. It is used in competitions in poetry or sports as mentioned. It is used because it tells people that they've done something good in the past. A laurel wreath's price is worth 8 dp.

Pig rattle toy

This rattle toy is a pig, but there are many more animals. There are various materials to make this rattle toy such as clay, ceramic materials, wood, bronze, dried heads of poppy flowers, and pebbles. Children play with this toy at home. This is for entertainment. Some even have jewels, which means the child has wealthy parents. Plain ones cost 13 dp. Jeweled ones cost 35 dp.

Rare Gold Athen Coin

This gold coin, depicting the goddess, Athena is made out of gold. This coin is rare. Rare gold coins cost 450 dp.

This is a Wild Goat style Jug. It is a pottery vessel or oinochoe decorated in 'Wild Goat style'. It is made out of clay, containing some mica, with white slip and dark brown painted decorations. This was from 700-500 BCE. This jug costs around 230 dp each.

This is a Minoan Bull Leaper. This figurine came from an island in Greece called Crete. It is probably used in a shrine or a cave sanctuary. It is made out of bronze. Cost about 550 dp each.

Tools/Technology Section

This is the perfect section if you're looking for ancient tools/technology used in Greece.


The gear, a simple machine, was invented by mathematician and engineer, Hero of Alexandria that made references to gears. The invention is probably made out of cast iron, steel, brass, bronze, or plastic. Cost 29 dp.

A Greek Plow

This is a Greek plow. This is used for farming. This is made from wood. Cost about 30 dp.

Screws today

These are screws. In Ancient Greece, it didn't look like these today (okay, a little bit). They were made out of metal. These are one of the biggest inventions in the world. These were made by screw manufacturers. Cost 3 dp for 1 box.

There are many more that I didn't mention such as the rotary mills, screw press, bronze casting techniques, water clock, water organs, torsion catapult, and more.

Foods/Meals Section

Did you know? The Ancient Greeks were very healthy at the time.

A feast

This might be shocking, but the Ancient Greeks ate cake. Each cost 5 dp.


Figs are a type of fruit. They were grown for the Greeks to eat. They were commonly eaten. A basket costs 7 dp.

Today's Bread

Bread in ancient times such as Ancient Greece were made from barley, a typical ingredient in ancient times. Cost 4 dp.


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