Photography By: Jackson Flynn

Nature photography is the most popular form of photography around the world. It is beautiful, serene, and captivating. A good nature composition requires things within the photograph to capture the viewers attention.

Animals tend to be the most popular subject, if any, for nature photography. It requires an extreme amount of patience, and you must be able to capture the animals in their natural environment without disrupting them. You also have to know when, and where to go in order to get good photographs of the desired subject.

Sports photography requires both perfect timing, and the subject(s) must appear to be in their natural state. While photographing sports, it is important to have a low exposure to prevent the final composition from being blurry.

Sports photography doesn't always have to be an action shot either. As shown here, the simple incorporation of the surf board turns a nature photograph into a sports photograph.

This may be one of the most iconic sports photographs ever taken. This shot was in 1965, when Muhammad Ali fought Sonny Liston. Ali was the clear underdog, but he proved popular thought wrong when he defeated Liston via knockout.

Creativity is an essential characteristic to being a human photographer. For instance, this photographer turned a somewhat boring subject into a beautiful picture by creatively framing the shot so that it incorporates the city in the background.

Photographing people requires little skill, and a lot of patience. The photographer must follow their subject around, constantly capturing moments of their life. The most important thing about photographing humans is to keep the subject unposed, which can be hard if the subject isn't photogenic. One of the downsides of photographing humans is that you might only get a few good shots from an entire day of shooting.

Long exposure photography is useful for capturing night life. This is when the camera's lens is open for a long period of time, allowing the camera to capture more light. The cars appear to be light beams since the camera captured their light as they drove throughout the city.

Once again creativity was used to capture the viewers attention. The photographer intentionally blurred the photograph in order to make the viewer curious.

The End

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world." - Bruno Barbey

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