H,Day Art 1 portfolio

This is a construction of the principles of design in art. It is constructed using various pieces of construction paper to demonstrate each principle and what it looks like.
This here is the principle design of balance and it is also constructed with construction paper, but it is different from the previous design because this one show how to balance your art work to make it look even in the audiences eyes.
This here is the elements of art as you can see it is formed of many different color. It also show the what type of elements you can expect to see in different pieces of art. It is show be different color and texture.
This is my goal card and the image that are illustrated in the card represents the goal that i have set for this semester. The earth represents happiness which is a goal for me because i am always sad and stress because of school work. The fit biceps, soccer ball and wrestling shoe is for my fitness goal and to stay health so i don't get sick often. The rest are goals for my academic and hobby improvement.
Here we have our template for our line verity and gesture. The lines that you see are the ones the class and i practice. It has thick, thin, wavy, straight and small line on the left side to should what type of line it is possible to use in an art. The figure you see on the right is a gesture of a classmate and it has lines and shade to show shape.
This here is a gesture drawing of one of the male student in the art class. Here you can see the figure or you can say figure of the male student. There is thick lines outlining the whole body and shade showing movement.
Here we have a gesture drawing of a female student in my class. It is similar to the one above of the the male student, but it is more closer together and drawn bigger than the other one. Like the other gesture drawing this one also shows movement of the person.
This are work is of a skull of a animal. This art work is formed of a continuous contour lines outlining the whole skull with different shades on parts of the art showing the three dimensional part of it.
This is a contour drawing of a shoe. it is continuous line drawing of my personal show and it was draw with out looking at the down at the paper. This piece was drawn to improve my the hand eye coordination.
Here is a contour drawing of my hand differently drawn because are is not bad it is different. This was a practice drawing of a continuous line to make out a hand. This practice was also to help develop the hand and eye coordination.
This is a contour line drawing of different objects made with different type of line and angel of line to form an item. You can see how the marker is never picked up and then restart agian.
This is a manikin drawing it is a representing of the human anatomy. The theory that we use to draw the manikin is that the tips of your left hand to the tips of your right hand measured from across is the same measurement as your height. This drawing if also formed different drawing technique, for example the three different shades of gray used to show the 3 dimensional form of the manikin.
Here is the drawing of the two sphere and is an excellent example of the geometric shape that is in ever art work. The start of this drawing is with the tracing of the circle, Then with the different value pencil you start to turn it into a sphere by using darkest shade you color in the core shadow. After with the next next second darkest shade you shade in the cast shadow. Next with a mid-dark shade you shade in the mid-tone with a white line to show the reflected highlight. while doing the mid-tone also leave a highlight. Using all of these shade you can create a geometric sphere.
This is the value scale and it is a line of boxes that starts with the lightest value then getting darker to the darkest value. This the value scale that you can use to make your art and it is the bases of many art work.
This is a two point perspective drawing of the cubes and prism. It is made by using two point on the horizon line. To make the prism and cube, you chose where you want to place it, and use the two point on the horizon and connect them where the vertex if the cube and prism is. After that you use three different value to show the source of lighting by shading the lightest value where the light hits and the darkest value where it doesn't hit.
This is the one point perspective drawing of the cube and rectangular prism. It is similar to the two point perspective drawing with the same concept of the three different value to use to make it 3 dimensional and to show light source, but it is different because in this one you only use one point on the horizon line.
Here is a drawing of my personal eyes and I drew it by measuring there inches and using the opposing outside inch as my eyes. Then I use the line to draw a 3/4 circle on the line to make my eyeballs and from there I drew the whole eye, starting with the pupil and the outlining of the eye, to the eye brow with mini curve pencil line.
This is the two practice drawing of the eye. It uses the same concepts as my pervious eye drawing like the three inch line base and the 3/4 circle to draw it, but the difference is that it has more features around the eye to make it more realistic.
This is the practice drawing if the nose and it is made by using two sphere to make the curve of the nose and look more realistic. It also uses there different value to make the shadows and the form of the nose.
Here is the drawing of the lips which are the beauty of the human race because it makes the smile. This practice drawing is done by choosing the specific shape of the lips and the type of lip then outlining it. After outlining it you darken the inner line where the top and bottom lips meet to show a core shadow. Then pretending there is two sphere in the curve of the lips you stroke in small line to show shade and make it three dimensional.
Here we have two drawings of ears and how it is drawn is by outlining the shape of the ears and then adding in the dark part of the ears and light part of the ears to show lighting source, and the three dimensional perspective.
This is a group photo of art 1 period three with the puppet penguins our class made. The penguins were cut out of cardboard and then painted. These penguins are called jackass penguins and they were make for the puppet show about orphans but with animals as the characters. The show was about a circus going out of business and the animals becoming orphans and finding a home.
This is the photo of all the penguin that the third period art class made. We made it by first drawing out the penguin figure and then cutting it out. After Our class install wood on the back of the penguin to make it stable. The last step we did was paint the penguin with black and white paint.
This is a photo of Donovan Zimmerman showing our art class how to flatten bottle caps. The bottle caps were flatten because its purpose was to be use as washers for the screw. It was a very interesting experience because learning from a professional puppet make to make puppets is pretty cool and Donovan gave god tips to make the puppets and structure it.
Oh, moon. Ditigal surrealism collage by Hser Nay

So my artworks were in a surreal style and technique meaning I choose photograph that reflects a lot about as a person. For example images like a wolf, kite, cherry blossom and a star each means a specific thing to me and I combine all the images together designing and editing it to look surreal and not like usually art, but instead like and artwork that is just imagined or dreamed of. I created my artworks by gathering up all my symbols and images that represents me and started placing and figuring out places it would go in to make movement so the audience can follow the art from one place moving to another place. The artist that kind of inspire me to make my surreal artworks like the way that has a specific technique to it is the surreal artist Giorgio de Chirico. I interpreted his style of surrealism but not with paints but with picture and modern photograph and make my own masterpiece. So i started out then cutting and cropping out the background of the image so it can fit in layer by layer in the art piece and have the same background. The idea behind my art was to express the person i am to people by using symbols and images that represents me as a person. Also symbol that have specific mean that describes me very well. I compose my art with images like a wolf to symbolize that i am a loyal and honorable person who is also wise and very good at working with a group or a pack of people. Also the dove represents my kind side of me and lovely part of me were enjoys everyone's company to show to others that this is who i am. My goal for my artworks was to show the style and techniques of the surreal artist Giorgio de Chirico mix with a little bit of my personal style and design. So i can show people who i am a person in this cruel cold lonely world that is hard on every living thing. I hope everyone will see and understand what i mean when i say my artwork is so you can see who i am as a person. My overall view of my artwork is good but different. I am just beginning to see what type of art i like while i am exploring myself and exposing myself to technique that is unique so i can build my own style.

This is my self portrait of me and i used a monochromatic color scheme meaning that i used different tints and shade of the same color to make it. For myself portrait i chose the color blue because it is relaxing and calm also the color usually mean intelligent and painting this portrait made me feel intelligent so it reflect a lot about me as a person. I like my portrait because I have come to realize that it looks like a stary night with the moonlight reflecting on me after Mrs. Burwell told me.
This is the rough draft drawing of the mask and the cultural style of it is Japanese with a lot of meaning symbols.
Five symbols i used is wolf eyes for my spirit animals, a dove to represent loyalty and peace, Sakura tree to represent life, a kite to represent freedom and the color blue to show my intelligence. The cultural style i used was Japanese because it is beautiful and meaningful.


This semester of art 1 has been a fun and enjoyable semester. Throughout this semester I feel like I have really grown as a young adult and an artist. At the beginning of the semester I started out as an inexperience doodler who just like draw without thinking, but now after a semester of art class I feel as if I have become a better and stronger artist. for example now I know have to use different colors to compliment each other so the art piece will look appealing, I also understand the balance of art and principles that I can follow to make my art, I can now create my art while incorporating different cultural styles with my art to make it more interesting and meaningful putting value to the art. Most of all i have realize that my art is not bad, but rather different from other artist and other people.

This is the quote that I chose for my favorite art quote it says that art is not what you see, but what you make others see. I chose this quote because it has a deep meaning for me. To me this quote means that art is not what the artist intend it to be, but rather it is what the views want it to be.

The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh, 1889, Oil on Canvas, 73.7 cm × 92.1 cm (29 in × 36 1⁄4 in), Museum of Modern Art, New York.

This is one of my favorite art work and the reason I like it a lot is because it is the artwork that made me see what art is. It is true that are is not what you see, but what you make others see. This art work made me see in a whole new perspective and It educated me on how others see art. For me I can make out a lot of image of what it could be, but i know it is not what the artist intended it to be. This is artwork is truly amazing.

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