Paco's App Journal By Juan Francisco Carrillo Perales a01570121

1.- Do they have good UI?

  1. Messenger: This is probably the best app I use, since I have always figured out how to use it, and it's really easy to communicate with it. Just, don't count some glitches and you're there.
  2. Netflix: For the use I give to it, netflix is easily figured out and you can find good content in it without placing lots of effort.
  3. Youtube: Youtube is my favorite site/app, but I can't deny it's really difficult to figure out somethings on the UI, such as when are things stored in search history (I still don't know) and some other features that the site has.
  4. Facebook: I don't know usually know what does what, the corner drop icon sometimes does things, and others nothing useful appears.
  5. Dragon+: An app I don't use as often, it has a pretty good source of news, but most of the times the "hamburger" menu doesn't do as much and I still can't seem to find out how to download images to my smartphone.

I believe apps get easier to use the more you use them, and you learn how to squeaze the juice out of them.

2.- Audience?

  1. Skull Trumpet Soundboard: A person who enjoys this kind of meme will apreciate this app.
  2. Mupen64Plus FZ: A person who likes to play retro games (N64 games) will find this fun.
  3. Level XP Booster: A person who loves simple and casual games may find this as very fun.
  4. Alarmify: People who are listening to their music all day long will find this as useful.
  5. Pixoff: Battery Saver: For those who use their phones all day and have low battery most of the time.
  6. Level Up Life: People who like videogames and are underproductive will find this useful.
  7. Siesta: For people who nap and have trouble using the alarm.
  8. Get Kana!: For people learning japanese.
  9. Stack: A game for playing casually.
  10. Chezz: For people who like to play chess, but need the challenge of other games.
  11. Walli-Fondos de pantalla HD: For people who like to personalize their smartphones with wallpapers.
  12. Offline Survival Manual: For people who like travelling or preppers.
  13. Cómo hacer un nudo de corbata: For people who don't know how to tie a tie...
  14. Black Hole - Lock screen: For people who personalize their smartphones in every sense.
  15. TED: For people who like learning new things, and enjoy the TED format.

3.- An idea storm

What can we do with an app?

  • An app for gardening and knowing when to plant.
  • An app to stream your pc's audio to your phone.
  • An app that serves as a realistic ruler.
  • An app that tells you what to cook today.
  • An app that reminds you to water the plants.

4.- Why apps?

I believe the apps I use the most are:

  1. Youtube: I love to watch videos posted by people everyday, so I use it a lot. I think it serves the purpose of entertainment and connection.
  2. Facebook: I use it because I have the need to be connected, I use it once or twice a day. It serves the purpose of communication.
  3. WhatsApp: I use it to communicate with people I know, and very often to that. It serves a purpose of communication.
  4. Messenger: I use it to communicate with people I know, and most of the time I prefer it to whatsapp. It serves a purpose of communication.
  5. Soundcloud: I use it to listen to tracks posted by people I follow, some of the songs there are quite good to my taste. It serves a purpose of entertainment.

5.- Hunting Some Problems

The ones I believe stand out are:

  • An app for gardening, knowing when to plant, and that reminds you to water the plants. This one adresses people who don't know how to plant, it could really be solved with the help of an app. It may not stand out because it targets a smaller group of people.
  • An app that streams audio to your phone. This one adresses people who want to have handfree audio from their pc's anywhere in their house, it could be fixed with an app. It may not stand out because it targets a small group of people.
  • An app that tells you what to cook today. This one adresses people who aren't bad at cooking but have no clue of what to prepare, it could be fixed with a database app. It may not stand out since there is a lot of apps like this one that have their popularity, it doesn't do something really difficult or groundbreaking.

6.- Ideas Seeking Solutions

App name: Plantae

Problem: Help people with planting difficulties start gardening.

My app will help newbies start their own urban-orchard, because some people have difficulties telling when to start and where, and to keep track of their plants.

App name: AudioWaves

Problem: Have your pc's audio transmited to other devices and viceversa.

My app will help people who want to play music through local wifi, because sometimes you want to listen to what you're playing on you pc while doing other things.

App name: QuickNom

Problem: Sometimes you need to cook something to eat, but you don't know what to prepare.

My app will help people who need to cook something but don't know what, because sometimes you already prepared what you know how to prepare 12 times, in one week.

7.- Feature Smashing

  • Accelerometer: Could you create an app to detect if a user is falling? Yes, but it might not have a real purpose after a couple of very specific situations. Or measure how many times someone rotates their phones along a certain axis? Maybe, but would need to count how many degrees of rotation it does and reset it after the user asks it to, after that the situations in which it could be used go to what the developer has in mind.
  • GPS: A new use we could give to it could be to find how high on a hiking trip you are.
  • Camera: You could use the camera's AR functionalities to overlay important information of people you know on facebook, like birthdates, using the face recognition programs facebook uses.
  • Touchscreen: You could use the touchscreen's multiple finger recognition to make a game that involves multiple people doing things at the same time.

8.- Another App Storm

What could we do with those apps and those features?

  • We could use the GPS functionality to pair with climate for the planting app, so it would be easier to calculate the date when you can start planting, the direction in which the sun gives more heat to your plants, and which plants would be best to plant.
  • We could use the accelerometer for the audio app, combining the direction you are standing in with how the music plays, in a way so it can see how far from your other device you are.
  • You could pair the AR functionalities with the what to cook app, knowing when something is really well done or how to identify spices that look pretty much the same.
  • You could also pair the AR functions with the planting app, so you can know how your plant is doing in terms of health.

9.- Do your research


  1. Waterbot: This app could use a better interface and a place to take notes.
  2. Huerto en Casa: Could use a better interface and design, and show less ads.


  1. Wifi Audio (deceased): This app was really easy to use, but it had some troubles like: audio in the computer played when it was connected, and it was unsynchronized with the computer.
  2. Wifi Speaker: Plays audio slower than it should, it is also unsynchronized.


  1. Cookpad Recetas: With this app you can share recipes with others, it looks like it's really good for looking up recipes.
  2. Dinner Ideas & Recipes: It has a simple and comfortable UI, and it's very good.

10.- Designer Apps

  • Deference: The app should show everything it needs to, but have a menu available for other activities.
  • Clarity: Text should be above 12 points so we can read it.
  • Depth: We should be able to stack the different points if they are needed.
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