Rachel &Shai❤️

Who would you love 💕 if fate didnt intervene?? The man of your dreams, your happy ever after , shows up and rocks your world 🌎!without warning ⚠️ your eyes meet and that's when you take each other's breath away😎😘💋🍾

Happy birthday 🎉 Mr Shaidul Rahim! When we welcome you into the 40s and start our new beginnings. Our family 😻💍✍🏽👸and 🤴🏽of Edgware

We smile, laugh and talk about anything and everything. We are so comfortable together. My friend and my love 😍
My favourite part of the day is waking up next to you 🌘🌖🌕😴😝
My favourite past time is YOU 💫🥂🍾
All The pub waiting to party with you 💃🕺🏽
Kiss me quick💋

Some soldiers like Noreen and Reece left behind to look after Shai true love BANDIT. Denial won't help you 🙈🙉🙊⚡️🌟🌈

I love you ❤️💋
May we be blessed with a love ,health and a new edition
Created By
Rachel ❤️

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