Revolutions in Technology By: hailey donovan

Past: The Industrial Revolution


The change in revolution in farming methods led to a sharp increase in the population, and many people moving from the country into the city looking for work.

Meanwhile we were just beginning to understand the power of coal and the improvements on iron.

Iron was made from smelting* coal, since coal gave off many impurities the workers had to remove them. (*extracting metal from its ore by a process involving heating and melting)
Britain had plenty of money to invent in new businesses and technology.
As population continue to increase, demand for goods grew, and supplies needed to find ways to produce more and more.


New machines could be used to spin and weave cloth. Such inventions were housed in factories that allowed the workers to produce goods and a much higher rate than before.

1700's Steam Engines; a key invention to helping the industrialization. Steam Engines found their way into boats, railways, farms and road vehicles.
Spinning Jenny; allowed woman spin more cloth in a faster amount of time with a higher quality.
Steam Boats; able to travel up stream allowed trading and transportation more accessible.
"The superior elegance, aptness, and ingenuity of our machinery is observable at a glance. Yes, it is still in these things of iron and steel that the national genius speaks most freely..." William Dean Howells



The industrial revolution had many positive affects including longer life spans. The new farming ways had more produce making people healthier.
All of the factories in the new cities were producing goods way faster than they were when they were being handmade, so wealth increased because the way they were able to send supplies to more buyers.
Transportation was revolutionized making longer trips faster and transporting goods faster and easier to get further away from the makers.
Children were given the privilege of learning basic education that wouldn't have been provided if they hadn't moved into the big city looking for a better and brighter future.


Children were abused and over worked. They had to work similar hours to adults but with less experience working in factories, with very dangerous machines.
Working conditions were crowded and cramped, which made working even more dangerous and hard than it was in the first place.
Working in factories with newly invented machines was a very dangerous job. People lost limbs, got diseases, and even died from working in factories.
Women inequality during the industrial revolution was a very big problem. Women worked the same jobs and as many hours as the men but were paid less and under appreciated.

Present: Technological Revolution


The internet was the main cause of this technological revolution, without the invention of the internet then their were would be no reason for the other inventions.

The first Mobil phone was created on April 3, 1973, by Martin Cooper, this was a turning point in the technological revolution because it made conversing with others long distance easy.

The creator of the Mobil phone with his model in one hand and a newer model in the other.

This first invention allowed more inventors to work off of this model making phones more user friendly and over all better.

Mobil phones became very popular, the need for them made them cheaper. Until almost everyone was apart of this new trend.

Newer models of "cell phones" started to become flatter, lighter, and smarter allowing users to do more on their phone than just talk.
After the internet came out and the invention of Mobil phones social media started to grow at an exponential rate and more and more people wanted to be apart of the new generation.
"The best way to get people to think outside the box is to not create the box in the first place." Martin Cooper


Cell Phone Revolution:

Having a phone in the 1900's was very unusual, but now, a single producer makes a new phone very 6 months to a year. That is only one of the many phone makers. To not have a phone on the day and age, is absurd and uncommon.

Social Media Advancement:

Social media is still growing today, so many social medias exist its hard to follow all of them: from dating apps to just simply sharing a picture.
Personal computer advancements are yet another thing growing in style. Now, instead of going to a store and putting in dimes to use the internet, you can easily type in your password and be on the internet with a click of a button in your own home.
Google is a very recent invention that allows you to "Google" any question you might have about anything and it will tell you the answer. So now, instead of going to a library and looking through an atlas or the dictionary you can "Google" your question and it'll be there immediately.


People of the 21st century are more obese than the older generations, and that is because people are too lazy to work out and they stay at home playing on their phone or computer instead of exercising.
Bullying is now not only a problem at school or at work it is now a problem on the internet, "cyber bullying." It allows people to be more disrespectful and spread rumors quicker than before because so many people are on the internet constantly that everyone will see it in a shorter amount of time.
Gen X, is more antisocial than anyone before us. We are constantly on our phone, texting people or looking through their social media instead of talking to the person and getting to know them. Using the internet allows us to feel more confident because it's easier to lie or act different than in person.
Now that computers can hold more storage than any file cabinet, jobs are becoming slimmer because the machines can do the job better than humans so what's the point of having them? Causing less jobs to be available.


With the internet at the touch of a button getting caught up on the news going on anywhere around the world is easy. You can know the weather, and any news that will benefit you.
Amber alerts, everyone's phone is set up to alert them when there is an emergency close to you. This allows you to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.
Social media has its perks, and those include getting to catch up on your family and friends life. You can see how they grow up and how they're doing and what they do regularly.
Young intelligent people can now find more jobs if they're technically advanced. They are able to know make more advances on phones and computers, but they can also teach others how to use the internet.

Future: Time Travel & Transportation Revolution


People have a natural desire to be better than the people around them, with that in mind, technology will expand to fill that need.

There are only so many versions of an iPhone creators can make, and when the internet can't get any better and Mobil phones people will get bored. As people get bored there is only more of a reason to come up with a new gadget to reengage the populations.

Scientists will only grow in brain power and ability to create new things with how our technology is today. They will be able to create the things only ever seen in movies that we believe are way to far fetched.

Another depression will occur, a technological depression. We will hit a point where there is nothing new and exciting to be founded or created because we would have seen it already. But that will be the time of the smartest minds fighting to be the savior of our lack in technology and be known as a hero.

"The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create." Leonard Sweet


Hover boards:

Hover boards will be advanced versions of the ones we have today. The gravity defying board will be revolutionary.

Hover Boots:

Hover boots will be similar hover boards not only in the name but also in the way both work. You would be able to walk up walls because of the way the boots eep you grounded without actually touching the ground.

Hallogram Telaphone:

Hallogram telephones will be far more advanced than FaceTime. You will be able to see the person you're talking to and learn to interact with people once again. They will have full body settings and partial body settings.
Time travel is another very possible future revolution. New machines and technology is being built every single day, so I know that time travel will be a possibility soon.


Transportation in the future will be much simpler, faster cars and hover this and that will allow you travel anywhere you want to go.
Technology in the future will only be something we can only dream about until it actually happens. With how our technology is advancing today I believe that these great strides will be very accessible.
People of the future will regain people skills. They will have holograms allowing someone else's presence to be with theirs making them interact with them.


With time travel comes danger, if someone were travel back and forth and they were to mess with either the future or past. It can ruin everything.
More accidents could be possible because of the hover boards and hover boots. With new transportation is learning how to avoid new accidents.
People will start to become more greedy, because they will think they're better than everyone and that scientists will always just make bigger and better things. Instead of people just being happy with what they have.

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