Scent Dog News - December 2019 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! Excellence in K9 SAR since 1989 - Search & Rescue Dog Association of Alberta

Cutest Holiday Dogs! Savvy (Smudge) and Henry, SARDAA dogs in Training.

Che and Jenga in holiday attire...

2019 - 2020 SARDAA EXECUTIVE -

Elected at our November 3 Annual General Meeting -

Paula Hale..... president; Lisa Irving..... VP; Michelle Limoges..... Secretary/Tresurer; MaryAnn Warren..... Training Director

Welcome to New Dogs in Training

Jordan and his Labrador Moose
Naz is in training with handler Megan of Red Deer.

Welcome New Member Field Techs!

Field Techs in training - Shelley and Micheal.

Also welcome to Zachary, Field Tech in training!

Recent Disaster certifications...

Jenna, Sohke and EPS S/Sgt Bechthold after their certification in Disaster search.
Kate and Jenga with EPS S/Sgt Bechthold after Disaster Certification.

30th Anniversary Celebrations!

SARDAA celebrated its 30th Anniversary on Sunday, September 8 at the Edmonton Police Association property called Blue Meadows. The weather was overcast and rainy but we had a large tent, good food and hot drinks catered, with an appreciative audience of family and supporters, plus four inspiring speakers. Lunch and presentations were followed up by a collection of SAR dog demos - several stations were offered and audience members could move from station to station to view the dog's many skills.

Clockwise - Mike & Kaya with Dar from ERSARA, audience photo, Mike and search manager Cst. Rob Wellon, Carlene with Jake and Milo.
30th Anniversary celebration photos - from top down, left to right - speakers Monica Alhstrom from SAR Alberta, SARDAA president Paula, Michelle and Paula, Mike Cook - retired EPS SAR Manager, EPS S/Sgt Tom Bechthold - EPS K9 Unit, and Kevan Thompson, OFC.
Wide shot of the SAR dog demos staged during the celebrations!

Skin Deep

Bill Bryson in his new book ‘The Body, A Guide for Occupants’ writes – The stratum corneum, the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) is made up entirely of dead cells. “It is an interesting thought that all that makes you lovely is deceased.” Bryson writes, “Where body meets air we are all cadavers.” The cells are replaced every month, 25,000 skin flakes shed every minute. “Run a finger along a dusty shelf and you are in large part clearing a path through fragments of your former self”, Bryson says.


Our November AGLC Casino fund raiser was 100% attended by members! Many thanks for making this another success. Next Casino will be the first quarter of 2022!

"Coaching The Canine Athlete" seminar with Dr. Chris Zink was very well attended by SARDAA members who learned valuable conditioning information for their K9 partners.

On the occasion of our 30th Anniversary, SARDAA is sporting a newly designed display and matching information brochure. We have also redesigned our logo to reflect a more 21st Century design image.

To all our friends and supporters - Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Happy 2020 from all of us at SARDAA.

End of the Year training session Dec 8. Who are all those masked people who have stolen our SARDAA dogs???

Thanks to team member Meighan for the many photos she took for this issue!

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