Life is a Journey of Love a message from the circle of guides channelled by lesley curtis

Life is a journey of love towards a greater understanding of the self. It is a journey towards a greater understanding of the love that flows within and that is mirrored on the outside and that is mirrored in everyone that you meet.

In every situation that you come across there is love. And that also applies to the self; to within you.

You are made of love; more love than you could ever envisage. All your hopes and dreams and wishes are not out there in the clouds. They are within, waiting for you to look to the self and see them plainly and in all their glory. Love is waiting within for you to know.

Lesley Curtis is a singer songwriter, performer, musician and trance channel medium and healer who works with her Circle of Guides to bring forward wisdom and perspective. She is available for performance, talks, voicework, workshops, teaching, healing and one-to-one channelled life-guidance consultations.

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Lesley Curtis


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