Hitler's road to Power Haley Davison

Before the Treaty was signed Hitler started came to be a part of the German Workers Party. But they were known by few so they didn't have much of an influence on politics.

Adolf Hitler was an intelligent man who manipulated a whole country into believing that he was a good man with a secret plan.
Adolf at one of his earliest speeches after introducing the Nazi Party to Germany.

It's the early 1903s and Germany is feeling the effects of the depression. With the unemployment rate starting to rise and the Weimar Republic feeling weak after WW2 a strange man comes out of the shadows with his new political party called the National Socialist German Workers Party or the Nazi Party for short. After giving a series speeches some people started to worry about a Communsit uprise and after a few protests got out of hand they arrested Hitler for treason, after he was released the party only got angrier and more violent and much bigger.

Adolf Hitler shakes hands with Hindenburg after Hitler loses to him in the Presidential race.

The year is 1933 and slowly political parties are starting to dye down by the end of the year there is only one left by law, that party is the Nazis party. Some people who don't completely agree with his ideas start to worry about what may be in store.

Along with his death Chancellor Papen resigned as well.

With the death or Hindenburg and Papen resigning Adolf Hitler merged the posts of Chancellor and Presidnet. With him doing that it gave him all the power of the higher ups.

From this point many people know that he slowly turned almost the whole country against anyone who didn't fit into his Perfect Race of blond hair blue eyes.

This was one of many propaganda poster that shows Hitler's perfect family, complete with the oldest boy wearing his Hitler youth uniform.

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