Famous Photographers Irving Penn Alyssa sauer p.3

Irving Penn was an American photographer
He was known for his fashion photography, portraits, and still lifes.
He is not alive now but was an amazing photographer
Penn's career included work at Vogue magazine
Born: June 16, 1917, Plainfield, NJ & Died: October 7, 2009, New York City, NY
Penn used Leica and Nikon cameras, 4" x 5" or 8" x 10" Deardoff view cameras, or Rolleiflex or Hasselblad cameras. He also used three different printing techniques to create glossy 'vintage' silver photographs, Platinum/ Palladium works, and Dye Transfer prints.
He was one of the first photographers to have his subjects photographed on a simple grey or white backdrop
His portraits of models and celebrities were shot against bare backdrops with natural light
He initially intended to become a painter. But a job with Vogue magazine in the 1940s turned his focus to photography.
"There is the famous story of Irving photographing a lemon," Babs Simpson, a former Vogue fashion editor, said in 1990 in Vanity Fair. - Penn once said "First, you had to buy 500 lemons for him to pick the perfect one. Then he had to take 500 shots of that lemon until he got the perfect one."
Irving Penn's photographs were very simple and I thought that was interesting. Even though his photographs are plain, they have a unique feel to them.


Created with images by Ron Cogswell - "'Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty' Exhibit -- Smithsonian American Art Museum Washington (DC) February 2016"

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