MindFul Music By Jane. E

Song Selection.

Tips On How To Relax To Music.

When relaxing to music it is a good idea to lie down or sit straight and close you eyes.

When you listen to relaxing music focus on the relaxing music.

Make a movie in your mind about what the song could be about or what could happen in the music video.

Relax your body and imagine the music spreading through your whole body.

Let your mind relax.

Focus on your breathing.

Listen to the music through headphones.

Make sure you are comfortable.

If any on the recommended songs aren't your style it's always a good idea to relax to your own music using these tips.


MindFul Music would also recommend ‘MindFul Mentor’.

MindFul Mentor is a app that helps to relax the mind and gives tips and courses about mindfulness.

And of course 'MindFul Music' will recommend 'Mindful Minds' or 'Mindful Magic'.

Please try any of these recommendations (They are linked further down!)

Have Fun!!!

Mindful Sayings/Quotes.

Here are some links from the recommendations and my original version of this website!

Created By
Jane Eastmond


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