Triangle Factory Fire By~Ailyn

In 1911, there was a tragity that happened in New York. There was a fire that started on the 9th floor of the Tringle Factory. There were over 146 deaths. Most of them were all women, and few were men. Because the owners had locked the doors to the stairwells and exits, most workers didn't have a choice it was either jumping off the building, or burning to death. The fire led to legislation requiring improved factory safety standards. Frances Perkins was one of the people that improved Factory accidents. "Frances Perkins was in every respect a self-made woman who rose from humble New England origins to become America’s leading advocate for industrial safety and workers’ rights." Frances Perkins had been working as factory inspector in New York at the time of the fire. Frances Perkins had made the Labor Law to improve working conditions. After she had made the Labor Law more people had better working conditions.

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