A Day In The Life Of Marc Anthony Rocha By: Edwin Hernandez

Paying attention in class, MarcAnthony Rocha is focusing on the directions from the teacher. During class, the teacher was explaining to the students where they needed to go in order to get the museum. “ I get really confused when people try to tell me directions verbally. I’m more of a hands on type of person,” Marc exclaimed.
Rocha is sitting in his wednesday lecture in Franklin Hall at 8:30 AM. Rocha was listening to a successful sports journalist about his career. “I thought that it was interesting hearing somebody else’s story. I realized that in order to be considered successful you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Stuff just isn't handed to you,” said Rocha.
Curious as to what it takes to be a sports journalist, Rocha is learning about the essential history of sports from an retired sports journalist. During the tour the retired sports journalist talking about a series of history: sexism,racism, and the marginalization of certain groups in sports.”I think it’s really important to acknowledge the messed up history of sports because that’s how we learn. If we know what we did wrong, then it won't happen in the future,” Marc stated.
On his way to lunch, Marc went back to his dorm to leave his class materials on his desk. Marc was trying to figure out who he was going to walk with to the food court because he didn’t want to go alone. “I don’t know. I feel really uncomfortable anytime I go places alone,” Rocha expressed.
Trying to complete his homework before he went to sleep, Marc was furiously studying in preperation for the next day’s class. Marc was trying to write a news paper artice about the sports at his school.
Concentrating on his homework, Rocha is preparing to go to sleep. Rocha was tired and was sleeping before the lights were supposed to be out. “I’m not sure why but I feel like my class is getting a lot of homework. It’s really annoying at some parts, but I know it will help me actually better prepare for the rest of highschool and my college career,” said Rocha.
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Edwin Hernandez


Edwin Hernandez

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