How has leadership shaped Kincoppal - Rose Bay over time? Lily Renton, Lucinda Downey, Ava Dowd, Annabel Kirwan, Camille Procter

What is leadership?

Leadership is the art of leading others to deliberately create a result that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. It is taking charge and solving problems that have to be solved for others. Leadership is when you have responsibility to take charge of an event of, leaders are also our role model to the younger peers. Leadership allows someone to feel important and to have a purpose in what they are doing. It is having the ability to lead a group of people with positive and sometimes negative outcomes in the future, allowing the people to grow and mature in the path taken on. Our parents, teachers, friends and people we meet on the journey of life can be leaders as they help us be who we are.

Why do leaders help us at KRB?

At krb, leadership is part of our culture and community. Over the 134 years that the school has been running, leaders have helped the school community to grow closer and build a better understanding of each other. Leaders help as at krb by being role models and helping out those how aren’t as lucky or aren’t as smart as others. They help bring new to the community and help different cultures and nationalities. At Kincoppal - Rose Bay we are based around catholicism and are always told to live in the footsteps of God, Jesus and all honourable or kind people. These people are all ones that we are told to look up to and learn about what they have done.

Why do we need leaders at KRB?

We need leaders at KRB to be role models for the students so they evolve to be like them. Leaders direct the KRB community to a greater result and support them through all situations. If we didn’t have leaders at krb we wouldn’t have someone to ask about our problems and questions about how to be a good leaders. At KRB we have many leaders throughout the community whether it is within the junior school, senior school, teaching department and parents.

What are the qualities of a good leader?
  • Self-awareness
  • Role models
  • Ability to motivate
  • Vision
  • Approachable
  • Loyal
  • Responsible
How do leaders display these qualities?
  • Showing confidence
  • Being calm in harsh environments
  • Doing the correct thing
  • Following instructions
  • Being helpful and hopeful

Leadership at KRB

Blue ribbons- Blue ribbons have been part of the school since the beginning, representing leadership in year 12. More towards the foundations of the school, blue ribbons were given out to a set amount of girls as there weren't many fixed leadership positions at the time. At this point of time, blue ribbons are given to 9 girls that have a fixed position of leadership in year 12.

Medallions- Medallions began at the school from the very early days. They were given to the Head girl and deputy Head girl. They were big chains worn around the girls necks. Giving out medallions stopped towards the end of the 1960's.

Badges- Badges were worn by the children of Mary, the sodalities of St Aloysius and holy angels. Badges changed in about the 70's and there weren't many.

Leadership positions at KRB

Leadership positions- The leadership committee of 2016 is very different to the leadership team a hundred years ago. As an example to represent leadership in the 1950's the head girl and deputy head girl were given medallions but they are now given blue ribbons.

Year 7-11
  • Wellness Leader
  • Social Justice Leader
  • SRC Leader
  • Liturgy Leader
  • Environment Leader
  • Yearbook Leader
Year 11-12
  • Head Girl
  • Head Boarder
  • Head of Boarding Student Council
  • Head of Liturgy
  • Head of Social Justice
  • Head of Sport
  • Head of International Students
  • Head of SRC
  • Head of Student Well-Being
  • Heads of House
  • Heads of Committees
Year 10
  • Peer Support Leaders
  • Peer Tutors

Leadership shaping KRB

How has leadership shaped KRB?

At KRB leadership is an extremely important aspect of the community of Sacred heart, this is because the leaders are the people that girls of younger ages look up to and aspire to be like. Girls are able to develop an open minded understanding of how girls should lead and act. Kincoppal - Rose Bay is a very honoured and respected school not only in the catholic community and australia, but in sacred heart schools all over the world. Over time many great leaders have come through the school whether it was what they did in school, after school or for the school. Principals and Mistress generals have done many great things for the school and community. They have strengthened the much valued bond between the community and added many important aspects to the structural parts of our school. KRB has especially been shaped as of the amalgamation and the switch from being al boarding and extremely religious to day and boarding and somewhat still religion.

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