How to Edit an Image A Guide for Students and Faculty

Who is this for?

This guide is for students and faculty who want to edit an image directly on their ePortfolio.

Note: This can only be done during the uploading process. Once the image has been uploaded, you cannot edit the image with the steps mentioned in this tutorial. You will need to reupload the image to access these editing options again.

Step 1: In your ePortfolio, click the “Add Content” button or the (+) sign. (See image 1)

Image 1

Step 2: In the library, click the “Upload File” option. (See image 2)

Image 2

Step 3: Click the “Select Files to Upload” icon to access the “File Upload” window. Locate the image you want to upload and click “open.” (See image 3)

Image 3

Step 4: From the “Selected files” window, click the “edit” button. You will see three options. (See images 4 and 5)

  • Crop: To crop the image, click and drag the cropping tool to your liking. Then click “Save.”
  • Circle Crop: To crop your image in a circle, select the circle format and then click and drag the cropping tool to your liking. Then click “Save."
  • Rotate: To rotate your image, click on the rotating icon to rotate. Then click “Save.”
Image 4 and 5

Step 5: After saving your edits click done, then click upload (See images 6 and 7)

Image 6 and 7
That's it. If you have any questions, contact the ePortfolio team or visit the MB-57 office.
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