The missed comet By: Morgan Andrews

It starts out in a beautiful auditorium, filled with lights and people ready to see the musical The Great Comet. My very good friend, Caroline Texeira, attended the performance with me with my mother and older sister down a few rows from us. We were seated at a table structured seat on the second level, a little difficult to see the actors. This is my favorite musical so I was singing along with the whole cast. During intermission, Caroline told me she needed to use the restroom. Instead of just using the public restroom in the building, Carol and I got in my car and started out to search for a restroom off the road. All of a sudden, we were driving down escarpment looking for a portable restroom. I took a right turn and ended up in a parking garage that I have never seen before, across from a movie theater. I began to feel very anxious because ID was scared we were going to miss Act 2. Act 2 had my favorite opening song and my mother was texting me I had already missed most of the songs from the act. I got really mad and started yelling at Caroline we needed to get back and forget about using the restroom. We got out of the car, instead of just driving back, because we were lost. We climbed a white building to see our exact location from a higher point of view. When we found the theater, Carol and I raced back and found our seats during the second act of the show. The dream ended with me getting to see some of my favorite songs, but I did miss a few from the strange and long bathroom search.

Musical- This could represent that I need to be careful about not getting carried away with my emotions and dramatic life.

Parking garage- This indicates I am going around in circles in areas of my life. I am lost in what I want to do, and how I will accomplish my goals.

Searching (for the restroom)- Searching for something symbolizes that I am missing or needing something in my life. I could also be missing solutions to certain problems in my life.

Text Messaging- My mother messaging me about the musical could represent my connection to others and my network of friendships. Messaging symbolizes the messages from my sob conscious.

I believe my dream may be linked to the biological view point of dreaming. The day before I had this dream I was reminiscing about my time in New York City and when I saw my favorite musical, The Great Comet of 1812. The symbolism behind the fact that my friend Caroline was there is that I spend every morning with her and cherish her friendship.I also believe that I dreamed I was searching in my car and a parking garage because I also spent that day running many errands in search of materials for my family members and myself. I think this dreams represents the stress I've been experiencing the past few months from constant rehearsals and auditions. It may also represent the feeling of unresolved conclusions within my relationships and future.

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