Good Life Performance The divine

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt was performed in the Constans Theatre in the Reitz Union. This location contributed to my overall spacial experience by making me feel at home and at ease because it was so close to my dorm. In addition, the room was very spacious and large and I was amazed at how many people that it could fit! When I got seated I was pleased with where I was positioned because I was in the middle section and not too far from the stage, I hate sitting too close but also hate sitting too far away to hear anything. If the room wasn't so inviting and I wasn't in a location that made me feel comfortable I probably wouldn't have been able to appreciate the play as much. I feel the same way about real life, location matters in the "good life" because it is a factor that plays into our overall comfort and experience.

I always love experiencing new things with my best friend Aubrey, especially here at UF! I attended the concert with her and another friend Andrew, who decided to tag along last minute. I'm so happy that I was able to go with both of them because it was funny and interesting to see their very different reactions to certain scenes in the play. I wouldn't have enjoyed the performance as much if I was by myself because I wouldn't have been able to discuss the play afterwards or point out different things during the play. In the good life, social experiences can be everything, I often feel like sharing moments like these and learning new things from friends is one of the most important things in life. For me, I never a laugh so hard unless i'm with my friends or family and things just aren't as special with out them so they definitely play a major role in my good life.

This play brought me back all the way to the early 1900's in Quebec where it really outlined the differences in social class in that day. To me, the main message of the play was breaking away from the constraints and social norms that are placed on you. All three of the main characters were faced with this problem: Talbot grew up poor and was trying to grow up and make a good living while also not wanting to disappoint his mother or go against the church, Michaud was an aspiring play write but the church was against him doing so which led him to be conflicted, and Sarah Bernhardt was wanting to make a play that shocked her viewers and made a statement but plays about social issues were not in at the time. Before coming to the play I was completely uneducated on who Sarah Bernhardt was and what the play would entail but I learned a lot about what was going on during 1905 that I probably wouldn't have learned otherwise. The only other thing that I had seen remotely similar to this play was the 2015 movie Spotlight that highlighted the molestation in the catholic church so this play just reinforced how big the issue really was when it came out that Talbot had been abused. Being a first generation college student, I could really relate to the parts where emphasis was put on how much Talbot going to become a priest meant his family and I could also relate to the parts about how much it was costing them at the same time. Overall, I was delighted and shocked about many of the statements that the play made.

The Divine highlighted the nasty, the ugly, and the gritty about society in a very open and blatant way. This non censorship allowed the issues of society to be brought forward with out any biased and for people to really witness with their own two eyes. There are so many things going on around us everyday, people dying and getting sick, homeless people begging for money, people losing jobs, molestation, and other really terrible things that people are afraid of so they turn a blind eye. The divine (and all other plays) are a way to bring those issues to the surface for all eyes to see. In doing so, this play gave people the opportunity to reflect on society as a whole and on themselves. When topics like children dying, molestation, and breaking away from the church come up, people's emotional reactions and the feelings that they get inside tell them a little a bit about their morals and what they believe is right so this play was a great self-reflection tool because it brought up many of those "rather not talk about" topics.


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