The Adventure of Gamerbros by: Alexander O.

Book 1: the beginning.

chapter 1: gamerbros

In the game“hahahahahaha! you stupid idiots.” gamerbros said, laughing at his computer screen. “learn to play pvp!” he said.

meanwhile, in the game

gamerbros kills his 5 victim on pvp. “guys can you even beat me for once” he types. “then help us” sparkkiller types back. “fine. i will stand still” gamerbros types back. “ok here we come” anty types. after that, gamerbros saw 5 players run at him. he quickly types /killall and hits enter. then he saw everyone in the server except himself die. “OH COME ON DUDE!!!” coolgamer types in jail(which is where you go when you die in certain pvp servers). “there is still me to kill” m4dgunn3r types. “SAMMY!!! I TOLD YOU THAT YOU CANNOT JOIN SERVERS THAT I’M IN!!! GET OFF, NOW!!!” gamerbros types. “uhm, no. you can't tell me what to do” sammy types back. “I'M COMING UP THERE!!!” gamerbros types, then goes upstairs to get his brother, sammy, of his old computer.

after a few moments

“finally i'm back.” he says. “hey why am i at low health!!!” he types. “sammy let us out of jail. he used the decoder’s code to do it!” anty typed back. “UUUUGGGGHHHH!!! ok guys i will stop killing you guys, if you help me find sammy in the game and help me kill him.” gamerbros typed. “ok. just use your dad’s real-life-machine.” anty typed. “ok, uh how do i use it.” he types. then he remembers: don't unplug it or let any object touch it!!! “hey dude.” his friend, james, says. “AAAHHH!!!” gamerbros screams, knocking over his soda. next thing they saw was the soda hitting the machine. that was the last thing they saw before everything went black.

chapter 2: minecraft

“where are we?” gamerbros mumbled. “i don't know.” james mumbled. next thing they heard were cows, pigs, sheep, wolves, and someone stepping. “hey who are you?” the person asks. “do you know where we are?” james asks. “dude, you don't need to ask,” gamerbros said. “we’re in minecraft.” he said. “answer my question. WHO ARE YOU?!?” the person asks again. “i'm gamerbros, and this is james.” he says. “hello.” james says. “hey, what was your name again?” the person asks. “gamerbros.” he says. “greetings, gamerbros, i am mark. king of all minecraft.” the person says. “you can just call me mar” mark says. “gamerbros, i have been searching the lands of minecraft for the chosen one. but finally, i have found him.” mar says. “where is he?” gamerbros asks. “gamerbros. you ARE the chosen one.” mar says.

chapter 3: the chosen one

“wait… WHAT?!?!?!?” gamerbros yelled. “YES. you are the chosen one. my kingdom has been under attack from a dark man with a army of creature none of us knows about but you. i need your help.” mar says. “what do you say?” mar asks. “want to be a hero? my hero? the kingdoms hero?” mar asks. “ok i’ll help.” gamerbros says, sighing. “Yay!” Mar yells.

chapter 4: new hero

“i don't remember my first name.” gamerbros says, as they are walking to the kingdom. “dude. your first name is alexander.” james says, having the ‘dude are you kidding me’ face. “hey mar. i think i know the person who has been attacking your kingdom,” gamerbros says. “and WHO may THAT person be?!?” mar asks. “i think SAMMY is the person who is attacking your kingdom.” gamerbros said.

chapter 5: “WHAT?!?”

“SAMMY?!?” james yells. “ you think SAMMY is attacking the kingdom.” mar asks. “wait i see the person, he is herobrine, and he is with a person with a jacksepticeye skin.” james says. “SAMMY IS WORKING WITH HEROBRINE!!!” gamerbros yells, making herobrine and sammy turn around and run away. “YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME!!!” sammy yelled back.

Chapter 6: the chase

“Come back here now!!!” Gamerbros yelled, starting to chase sammy. “Wait for us.” James said.

“You are so grounded sammy!!!” Gamerbros yells. “Guys i lost them.” Gamerbros yelled. “Let me TP us to my kingdom.” Mar says.

Chapter 7: the minecraft kingdom

“We’re here. Welcome to kingdom minecraft.” Mar said. “Cool!!!” James says. “Hey Alex, can you see this” sammy types. “HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS,” gamerbros types back on a invisible keyboard in his mind. “I can see you” sammy types. “Sammy don't do this. Where r u at?” Gamerbros types. “Uh dude. What are you doing?” James asks. “He is typing with sammy.” Mar answers. “How?” James asks. “I can see the text that they are typing. He can't hear us. I Hope He doesn't learn how to TP sammy to here.” Mar says. “Sammy I'm going to TP you.” Gamerbros types. “OH CRAP!!! He Is going to TP sammy here.” Mar yells. “TP M4dgunn3r gamerbros.” Gamerbros types.

Chapter 8: sammy

“Sammy I'm going to TP you.” Gamerbros types. “Uh oh.” Sammy says. “Herobrine, quickly put a tracking device on me so when they TP me you can find me.” Sammy says. “Ok.” Herobrine says. Tracking device is in your hand and ready.” Herobrine says. “TP m4dgunn3r gamerbros.” Gamerbros types. “See you when you find me.” Sammy says. And after that he sees a kingdom, a city, and, of course, gamerbros’s angry face.

Chapter 9: found him

“SammMMMYYYYYYYY!!!” Gamerbros yells, coming towards sammy. “Get away from me now!!!” Sammy says, backing up. “Or else herobrine will come and kill you.” He warns. “I DON'T THINK SO YOU STUPID IDIOTIC LITTLE TWERP JERK!!!” Gamerbros yells. “YOU ARE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE. YOU ARE GROUNDED FROM MY COMPUTER AND MY DAD’S REAL-LIFE-MACHINE!!!” Gamerbros yells. “TP m4dgunn3r herobrine” herobrine typed. “Guys herobrine is teleporting sammy back!!!” Mar says. After that, sammy got TPed, and got away.

Chapter 10: NNOO

“NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I HAD HIM!!! IIIII HAAAAAD HIIIIIM!!! I HATE YOU HEROBRINE!!!” Gamerbros yells. “Hey no yelling that loud.” A nearby guard orders. “I am the king and I give him permission to yell that loud. He is the chosen one.” Mar says. “Ok.” The guard says. “You’re not the king,” a voice calls. “I Am” a figure says, stepping out of his hiding spot. “M-m-my-my robe! My crown.” Mar says. “Sammy you are NOT the king.” Gamerbros yells. “Yeah you are not the king.” The guards and the city yells. “Mar is the king!” Someone yells. “EVERYBODY RUN!!! HEROBRINE IS WITH SAMMY!!!” Someone yells, making everyone run away, screaming. “It's just a doll!” Sammy yelled, getting, once again, TPing away.

Chapter 11: dan the wizard

“Oh come on!” Gamerbros yelled. “We must find dan the wizard,” mar said. “He lives in the middle of the city.” “In the middle? Why not the side?” Gamerbros whines. “Because then his house will be destroyed on a attack.” Mar says.

After an hour

“Finally we’re here.” Gamerbros said. “Wait… Where is dan?” Mar asks.

Continues on book 2: finding wizards and sammy.

what everyone does in minecraft...

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