In honor of Geologist Day 4.5.2020 G&A recognizes our team of Geologists and the benefits their discoveries, contributions, and investigations have on our world and daily lives.

I think one of the things that attracted me to study geology, in addition to the rock n roll lifestyle, was how readily it could inform the travels I was already doing. Roadside, trailside, campside, a look around always seemed to hint at an answer as to why I was there at all.
- Trevor Woodward, P.G.
Being a geologist is a little like being a magician. You draw water from underground, capture forces beneath structures, locate hidden minerals, and perceive the journey of chemicals beneath the earth’s surface. Yet despite all this hocus pocus, it is critical to society.
- Toby Kessler, P.G.
Starting out with my interest in rocks and fossils in high school, I could have never imagined that I would become a professional geologist dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. A geologist looks at each project, small or big, with that responsibility in mind!
-Rocco Mercuri, P.G.
A geologist sees the Earth in the same way an artist sees a masterpiece painting – knowing how every effect was crafted, but never losing the wonder and beauty of the whole.
Why did I become a geologist? All kids love dinosaurs; geologists are the ones who never grew out of it.
- Thomas Gillespie, P.G.
Geology: The present is the key to the past. Not only is this statement true with geology but many facets of life. The present is key to the past and the past is key for the future. We commonly use past knowledge to prepare us for future experiences. By understanding how things relate we can make educated guesses and hypotheses about the future.
- Chris Freer, G.I.T.

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