Cornerstone Next Gen 2016

It's not just a Life Group, it's Community

- Create a short video clip or presentation showing what it's like to attend a Life Group so that potential attendees will know what to expect. These can be played during Sunday services and posted on the website and Facebook - similar to the testimonial series shown during the Sunday services in Q4 of 2015.

- Send an Outlook/GCal/iCal reminder with key contact info to people after they sign up for a Life Group. Also have it available for download on each Life Group page.

Sunday Meeting Notes


We should proudly showcase the outreach ministries that Cornerstone is involved in and the progress/accomplishments we’ve made – appeal to goodwill. We should also keep the congregation apprised on how each outreach ministry is doing to encourage them to support our efforts. This can also be communicated more openly on the website. Millennials are attracted to charities and are often their biggest supporters (even if they’re not religious).

Life Groups

1. Vision Casting: (If we don’t already) Cornerstone should host a leadership meeting or summit for all of the Life Group leaders to show appreciation, collaborate, and share success, growth, and challenges that each group has experienced. That would help each group learn from each other and collectively make adjustments if needed.

2. Keeping Track: We should keep track of how each Life Group has grown over each term. An informal census would help us understand who we’re reaching and help identify new groups that could be started by location and/or demographic. Below is a grid to help us brainstorm where each tribe fits and the obstacles we might encounter trying to place them in these groups.


Stay Connected

- Create a section dedicated to staying connected - Facebook, Twitter, newsletter.

- Move the Facebook and Twitter icon to the header of the website.

- Have big announcements and/or upcoming events on landing page (should be uniform across all campus sites).

(this is used to illustrate the content and placement only)

Community and Service

Above and Beyond

Create a forum on the website where people can share opportunities with other church members. There would be an administrator so that the contents could be monitored. the idea is to create a Christian marketplace where people can help each other. Transplants to the area could find Christian roommates, donated furniture, etc. The idea is create a safe and supportive place for college students or people new to the area to come for support. It could also help identify resources that people have to share with other ministries - homeless, struggling families, etc. Align with people and organizations that could benefit from these donations. People can even donate their talents - accounting, electrician, contracting, etc. Create opportunities for people to bless others with their talents/profession. In addition to giving financially, people can also give their time. Some of the opportunities would included:

- Job opportunities (nanny, tutor, babysitter, etc.)

- Looking for a roommate

- Donating furniture, clothes/baby clothes

- Donating miscellaneous items such as bikes, appliances, etc.

Outreach and Opportunities to Help


New Bay Area transplants rely on social media to get connected. Cornerstone could start posting their events on "Meetup." Posting events on this and other outlets like this might be a way to attract younger people. People attending college nearby or home from college can connect to Cornerstone. We may already do this...

Opportunities to Help

Cornerstone does a great job with creating opportunities for its members to serve. There could possibly be a section on the website listing all of the organizations that Cornerstone donates to and supports. College students may be interested in getting involved in programs that support against social injustice.

Call to Action

Make an effort to challenge young members in the church to bring their friends. Equip them with cards or handouts to share. We were challenged to do this in our Discovery Class, so it would probably be effective if it was also brought up during a church service (quarterly challenge). Encourage church members to do something nice. Maybe have them write what they've done and post it on a bulletin board in the coffee shop or on the wall of the sanctuary.

Start at Home

Get to know the people that already attend the church. Put "get to know you" cards behind the seats at church and ask anyone in college to fill them out and drop them off as they leave. We can get a better idea of who the college students are in the church and what schools they attend. We can prepare ways to help them introduce Cornerstone to other students at their campus by promoting church events, or partnering with other organizations like Campus Crusade.

Make an Impression

Leave Cornerstone handouts at local businesses that allow friendly marketing. Card jars or patron bulletin boards (Starbucks, Jamba Juice, etc.).

Marketing & Social Media

What to share:

- Service times

- Sermon Series

- Show new people what service looks like

- Promote upcoming events

- Introduce the staff

- Share the set list

- Event Highlights/Recaps



There are so many things that Cornerstone does well. One strength that sticks out the most to me are all of the ministries that are available. Cornerstone has the resources to retain all of its members. There is a ministry or class available for for everyone no matter where they are in life.


The worship music is great! I think the music appeals to all age ranges. Here are some additional songs that I know people my age enjoy.

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