Using Adobe Spark to Support Multimodal Learning J. Wentworth

Students communicate and acquire information in new and complex ways. With extraordinary advances in technology and a growing emphasis on creation and innovation, the educational needs of 21st-century learners are constantly evolving. As a result, traditional definitions of reading, writing, and communication are being redefined to include new multimodal literacies.
Multimodal perspectives on teaching and learning build on the basic assumption that meanings are made (as well as distributed, interpreted, and remade) through many forms and resources of which language is but one—image, sound, writing, music, speech, and so on (Kress & van Leeuwen, 2001; Jewitt, 2009).

Benefits of Multimodal Learning

>>> Learning causes the growth of brain cells and connective pathways

>>> the more ways something is learned, the more memory pathways are built

>>> the more pathways built, the more likely retrieval will be successful

Stimulates Deep -vs- Shallow Processing

Helps Students Develop 'Soft Skills'

  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Creativity & Media Literacy
  • Audience & Needs Analysis
  • Storytelling Skills

What is Adobe Spark?

Suite of free online applications that include:

  • Spark Post - for combining text with images
  • Spark Page - for creating dynamic webpages
  • Spark Video - for creating digital videos

Benefits of Adobe Spark

  • Encourages students to explore the challenges of visual communication & storytelling
  • Increases digital literacy as students build confidence using new tools
  • Very short learning curve - no need for technical support
  • Works on any browser and most mobile devices
  • Free for everyone

Try it Yourself

  • Login to spark.adobe.com
  • Create a new Post, Page or Video
  • Take a few minutes to explore the available options

Project Examples & Ideas

Creating Memes with Spark Post


Conveying Complex Scientific Content Through Memes - Roy Dar - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Diagnosis Wenckebach

MDMC - Anti-Arrhythmic Sickness Animated Music Video

Other Spark Post Ideas?

  • Visualize a contrast or comparison of two things
  • Critique or satirize an image from popular media / culture
  • Advertise a product or service
  • Highlight a key technological or scientific advancement
  • Advocate for an idea or movement

Assignment Ideas Using Spark Page

  • Create a reflective journal or personal portfolio documenting learning progress
  • Teach a concept, or visualize an idea
  • Write and illustrate a short story
  • Develop an engaging presentation
  • Create a timeline detailing the progression of a specific idea, practice, product . . .

Student-Created Video With Spark Video

  • Have students teach a concept using video
  • Create a documentary that tells a compelling story
  • Highlight historical figures or movements
  • Other ideas???


There are a number of studies that look at student-generated digital video in higher education contexts - http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= The authors found that the process of generating and editing video about a curriculum issue (in this case, history) encouraged deeper level thinking by students about that subject matter.



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