Etung Sha Lions

Lions habitat

Not far away from here,lions are spread around Eastern parts of Africa.There are more then 6 species.Infact,there are 7 species in Eastern parts of Africa.The lions there hold the title of the second largest cats,before them are tigers.


Lions are-gold,tawny coated-are yellowish goldish or every one things so.They also have a tuffled tail.The colour of the lion helps them camaflauge with the dry grass and it helps them acttack on they're prey by surprise.


Lions - silent and vicious- are very good hunters.Lions are very strong hunters:they have sharp,pointy teeth;they also have a lot of strength,they also have powerful jaws.Female lions,which are very good at hunting,normally hunts for the pride.


Inpalas-tasty and juicy-are lions main meal.Arocoding to secnitist lions can live without water for 3-4 days.Lions are carnivores so if they can't find impalas they will go for zebra,wildebeest,buffalo,wild boar,antelope or deer.

Baby lions


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