Converge Code

Behold the Code. No one wrote it. It just always was and now it is. It just kind of evolved last year within the Converge Community , out of the real-life experiences of those who were there. We pulled it out of the air and put it down in writing. Follow it and you’ll make the most of your Converge adventure and possibly even help change the way you teach and learners learn.

The power to predict is a special human ability. We embrace it by thinking ahead. Expecting to be connected all day? Think device, plenty of charge, hashtag ready? Deck yourself out with easy access to your favorite tools. Be prepared like an all-in-one Swiss Army Knife so you don’t have to “McGyver" your way through the conference!

Consider the community and keep an eye on your friends. Extend that friendship to new friends, too — even Convergers you’ve never met before. If you see someone who can use a hand, offer it. You will make his or her day, and provide an example that will multiply across the Convergesphere. We are all experts in something. Share the wealth and the knowledge!

Converge is a “Traditional PD”-Free Zone. Leave your stress and worries at home. For a few days this summer celebrate the best things in our classrooms. Smiles, high fives, and random acts of kindness… Happiness, learning and innovation is the goal. Proactive positivity is a proven way to get there!

We hate being negative, but we’ve seen it too many times to leave it unsaid. You’ve seen it too. That guy is a vibe killer. That gal is a mood wrecker. It’s a powerful cautionary tale that can help us all experience the best that Converge can be. Experience what you need and get what suits you.

Converge lasts only a couple of days. The rest of your summer is yours. Apply what you do at Converge to improving you and your craft and maybe the world beyond…

Converge has a strong message that comes straight from the heart. When it comes to your learning and your experience don't be afraid to tell the world. #misdconverge17

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