Danny's Last Hope By: treyton frasz

Swish! Danny drains the three over Mike. Mike turns around and says " Bet you can't do that again." So next time Danny goes up the court and shoots it again. Swish! Right when the shot goes in, Mike turns around and runs at Danny. Bang!

"Hello! Are you there? Danny?"

Danny wakes up not remembering much from the last day or so. He asks the nurse 'Why am I even in the hospital and where is this hospital."

"Two days ago at your basketball practice you got knocked out cold and you have a major concussion and you live in Oregon." The nurse tells him.

"How long will I be in the hospital for?"

"For like a day or less but you won't be able to play any sports for at least a month."

Danny says in his head " This injury could mean I am out until the first round of playoffs." At this moment Danny has no other choice but to put the basketball team in other people's hands. He has to hope that his team will even make playoffs without him.

The next day Danny was out of the hospital and was at school the next day. Everyone was asking where he was and all he could remember was he was at the hospital.

The first game without Danny didn’t go to well. Danny was in the stands watching it and while the game was on he could tell his team needed him. The score by the first half was 63 to 40. Danny's team wasn't playing very good and no one wanted to score. At points Danny had to put his head down cause his team was playing so bad. After that game the coach talked to Danny. " Danny how was that game in your opinion?" Said the coach

"That game was horrible!" Exclaimed Danny

"I agree everyone was so lost on the court"

"We didn’t play that bad" Jumps in David.

"You didn’t even play that much so don’t talk" Says Danny.

"Don’t get all but bum hurt because you can't play."

I am not bum hurt, I don’t care that I can't play"

Then don’t say I don’t play when u can't play either."

"Enough, enough stop fighting it's not a big deal!" Coach says.

After the game everyone left and the only people left standing there were Danny and coach. Danny wanted to talk to the coach more about the game but was to scared too. In his head he wanted to play with his injury after seeing that game. But he couldn't because everyone on the team and the coaches know that he is injured. So Danny sits there and waits for his parents to come pick him up.

The next day at school Danny was asked many time about how the game was and how he was injured. But every time it made him mad because he didn’t want to be injured and he wanted to play. So Danny decided to talk to the coach.

"Hey coach" says Danny

"Hey Danny, what's up" Say coach

"That game was the worst in a while."

"I would say the worst in at least five months."

"Yea we really need you last night Danny."

" I know everyone is telling me the same thing."

"If you were playing it would have been a way closer game."

"I hope so, I'm going to go to class now thanks coach."

Later when there was only a week before he could play basketball again he decided to go to another basketball game that his school team played in. At this game if they won Danny's team would make playoffs. Danny was hoping so hard that his team would win so he could play in playoffs.

"Are you ready for the game Danny." Says coach

"Yep, I'm hoping for the win so we make playoffs." Says Danny

"Same it will be a hard game but we can pull it out."

"Same it will be a hard game but we can pull it out."

"I'll be watching good luck."

So the game starts and Danny's team is up by three at the end of the first quarter. Danny is feeling pretty excited about how the game is going. His team is playing good and playing as a team. They just need to keep playing like this for the rest of the game.

The game is tied with 2:00 mins to go in the forth and Danny is feeling nervous. The other team has the ball and brings it up they waste almost all of the shot clock. They shoot it, they miss Danny's team grabs the ball and does the same thing the other team did. They shoot they score. Danny's team is up by two and the other team has the ball. The team goes up and gets fouled.


"Reaching foul!" Says the Ref.

Danny starts to get nervous again. The other team has two free throws. If they hit them both there will be 45 seconds on the clock left to score.


The first shot goes in.


The second shot goes in. Its back to a tie game. Danny's team brings up the ball. They go in for a layup.

"Tweet! Foul!" Says the ref.

Danny's team mate lines up for the free throw. He misses the first. He Drains the second. Danny's team has to play hard defense and not let them score.

There's ten seconds on the clock left the other team has the ball. They go in for a layup. He misses the layup. But he luckily get fouled. Danny starts to tear up he doesn’t want his last year of high school to end like this.

He misses the first shot. Danny starts to get excited the game could go into overtime if he misses it.


That’s the game and Danny's high school career.


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