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Large pieces
Sorted pieces
Original pendulum (unstable)


The basic pendulum that we built yesterday had failed in knocking over the blocks. Today we plan on adding the 4 motors in out kit to the pendulum blue to the fact that they are the heaviest piece in out kit. Then we are going to make the pendulum heavier by addingextra wheels well as making the entire machine heavier and more stable boy adding the 4 motors on to the base in the corners

Redesigned pendulum


Today we are going to build a pulley system.after recording the building of the pulley system we will modify the pullies so that they can lift 3 1" by 1" by 1/4" wood blocks. The design must use a crank to move the pulley


Do: Today we are going to redesign the pulley that we built by adding a plsatform for thewooden blocks to lay on . We are also going to add weight in some form on the opposite side to counterbalance the weight of the wooden blocks.


Today we are going to create a working crank system. Thus will most likely be accomplished by attacking the crane to the rope are winding the rope up on the crank.


Today we are going to try to perfect our crank in the best way possible.this may include completely reworking out crank. We also will create a spark video video to insert into the spark page

Do: today we finished the pulley project and successfully lifted our wooden blocks over 4 inches.


Today we are going to create the third project - the lever

Do:today we improved on the lever by making it taller so that is can move at More extreme angles.


Yesterday we finished the basic lever and made a few starting modifications such as making it taller Today we are gong to modify out lever and turn it into something that more resembles a catapult. Our objective after that is to launch wooden blocks over 1 foot in distance.


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