2037 Advertising Presentation Mercedes Tibett

20 years from now, life as we know it will be different. We are constantly moving forward, moving faster, and becoming better. Life is about constant improvement and innovation.

In the year 2037 we will be using different platforms and methods to advertise, however, the pursuit for human connection will always remain.

Advertising is about telling a story.

It's about making a bond with a person and promoting a feeling, desire or need.

Advertising isn't about selling a product, it's about selling a lifestyle.

Havas' own Dos Equis campaign does just this. You aren't selling beer, you're selling the idea that if you drink this beer you too will be suave, daring, envied and interesting.

So the question is, how can we continue this story telling in the wake of the future?

Technology Advances

Virtual reality

We will move away from written ads to more visual representations

"Immersive Advertising"

What if instead of telling or showing someone a feeling, they were able to feel it for themselves?

So instead of watching a commercial, they're in the commercial by showing the product on the customer through V.R. such as a life simulator

Ex: You get to see yourself wearing the shirt before you buy the shirt.

What if V.R. wasn't just glasses but it was, in fact, voice activated?


Alexa & Siri, aka IPA's (intelligent personal assistants) are just the start of voice activated assistants.

I believe that V.R. will develop from glasses to hologram realities, where we can immersively be in an experience but be guided by voice activated assistants.

Alexa, show me what those shoes looks like on me

Our ads will become more advanced and interactive; we will all be The Most Interesting Man in the World, by just asking.

How do we reach customers if everyone is doing it?


The hottest app right now is Snapchat-- Where will this be in 2037?

This application already has facial recognition capabilities.

What if you could take this software and use it to read people's facial expressions and emotions towards advertising campaigns? You could be able to then rate things based on their reaction.

Ex: I'm using V.R. and I see a commercial with French bulldogs. The software picks up that my face is happy.

Vs. this ad which doesn't affect me so I make no emotion or a distasteful expression.

We can catalog those responses into a database where algorithms can determine ads specifically tailored towards you, thus, making more specific target markets and demographics.

We don't know what the future holds or the next big technological advancement. But we can dream, be creative and imagine.

Created By
Mercedes Tibett


Created with images by KathyC81 - "Robot"

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