Spicing Up Your Apartment And then some.

Did you ever watch Friends? Remember how perfectly decorated Monica and Rachel’s suspiciously-large-for-New-York-City two-bedroom apartment was? Luckily, it doesn’t take a set designer with a hefty budget to give your apartment such a cute look. When you’re looking for inexpensive decor that spruces up your apartment home and makes it truly your own, our tips will help you get the look you love — even when you’re on a tight budget.


When you sign a lease, ask if you're allowed to paint the walls. Most complexes allow you to paint your apartment, with the stipulation that you’ll be responsible for getting it back to its original shade before you leave. If that’s the case, ask the office what brand-name and shade of paint they used. Grab yourself enough of your chosen new colors of paint to paint the walls, and look into going ahead and picking up the paint you’ll need to return it to its base color later on.

Does painting seem like a lot of trouble for a place you may not live in forever? Try temporary wallpaper! Easily removable, temporary wallpaper can be found in intricate and attention-getting designs that make a big impact in smaller rooms.


Sometimes, opening up a small and cluttered apartment is as simple as moving a few pieces of furniture around or keeping things light. Pick one piece of furniture to be the “focal point” of your room and plan your space around it. Maybe you don’t need both recliner chairs in your living room, and find that the space opens up without it! Add your own entryway to an open apartment using a bookcase to store shoes, library books, bills, or rain gear you might otherwise forget on your way out the door.


You don’t always need to spend money to get furniture that you can truly make your own. If your family home has an attic full of old furniture, get creative with it! A fresh coat of paint can turn a dreary brown bed frame into a pristine white that brightens up your space right away! Try painting your kitchen table or chairs a bright color like red or orange to give a visual ‘pop’. Grab that comfortable-but-worn-out old chair from the corner den and have it reupholstered in a fun fabric that’s unique to you! Paint over old photo frames to give them a totally new look — for less!


When buying accent furniture (think end tables or ottomans), be sure to keep an eye out for those that come with built-in storage. This way, you can store items you’re not using without having them cluttering up open spaces. Looking to buy a bed? Either look into those that come with included drawers underneath or check out storage boxes that are designed to fit right in under that space. Organizing your storage this way allows you to make the most of even the smallest spaces by keeping clutter out of the way.


For unique and budget-friendly options for rugs, throw pillows, or blankets, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are always a good choice. Check out the home area of just about any department store to find interesting options to choose from. Even a change as simple as a colorful quilt or a couple of throw pillows can bring new life to a plain-looking apartment! We also like to suggest painting flowerpots or buying cheap, colorful options to add both a little greenery and some color to your apartment!



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