The Death March A horrible Walk for jews

Weather Conditions

It was a frozen forest with freezing temperatures and some only had sandals of bare feet. Their toes were just falling off. Such an atrocity.

Slave March?

Maybe slave isn't the correct term but that's all i can think of because they were forced to march by the nazis.

Bodily Injury

LIke i said, their toe were coming off like steam from hot soup. Also, their feet would just start bleeding out of nowhere and not stop.


If you fell, killed.

IF you tried to help, killed.

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Samuel Strickland

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Samuel Strickland


Created with images by Unsplash - "plant trees forest" • Stevebidmead - "snow winter forest" • - "Sunday Snowwalk" • moritz320 - "trees ice iced" • Janitors - "Niedrāju-Pilkas purva taka" • matak - "snow winter tracks"

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