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Before starting a business...

...we should KNOW where the money will come from.

Who will be YOUR clients?

Loan signings will not be enough.

You will need to target mobile notary clients, as well.

How will you reach them?

Short Course on Targeting Clients

Where can you find multiple clients with similar traits?

That would be your targeted client sector.

First, know the Target!

Once you KNOW your TARGET, and how to reach them, you can select the right DART to hit the bullseye.

Look around.

ALWAYS look for opportunity.

Are you near a hospital?

Hospitals are full of folks who need notaries.

What about banks?

Some banks will refer clients to independent mobile notaries. It won't hurt to create a campaign to reach them.

Pharmacies, wrecker services, assisted living centers, schools, universities, dance schools, and even apartment complexes offer you the ability to reach several clients at once.

think & Brainstorm.

Meet Imaginary Donna

Donna becomes a mobile notary.

She decides to use the same strategy her cousin did to develop a steady mobile notary income.

Donna didn't do ANY research.

She copied her cousin.

Donna needs to write a business plan.

She doesn't have any idea where her money will be coming from.

Regroup quickly!

Think it through. WHO can you serve?

HOW can you reach them?

Imaginary Donna's Targets Could Be...

How will she reach them?

Four Solid Marketing Strategies -- The Darts

Remember to customize each marketing campaign.

Do you talk differently to your grandmother than you would, say for instance, a policeman? Your best friend vs. your children's teacher? The same holds true for marketing campaigns.

You need to think about who you are talking to and what they like...what they relate to.

Each sector of the population that you target will respond to different words and to different types of marketing.

Thank you!

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Short course on marketing for notaries public.

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