I have a dream speech

I have a dream that everyone should have food to eat every night. Some kids don’t eat dinner some nights maybe because they don’t have enough money or some other problems.

But some schools have food pantries that they can go and get some food for dinner. I think the main problem is that their parents aren’t getting the right money from a job. I have a dream that there be more decent paying jobs available for the people in this type of situation. Like MLK said, “Even though we face difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream”-MLK

I think this is one of the difficulties. Such a difficulty that there are families that have any way of making money and can barely afford to give their kids basic needs. But I have a dream that this will be fixed and there will be jobs for the people that can’t get food on the table, that there be food for the kids that don’t get it, and that there are people that realize this is a problem.

The end

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