Quote or Greeting: If you care about something enough its going to make you cry.

song now playing: Final countdown, Europe. "Its the Final Countdown"

About Me: Arnold is a skinny, weak Indian boy who lives on a reservation. He used to go to the school at the reservation but he through a boom at his teacher and he couldnt handle how poor the rez was. He needs to walk home from school mostly everyday exept when his parents actually have money for gas. He used to have a dog but they couldnt afford to take care of him. He has an older sister who was quiet until she fell in love with an adventurous man who is ugly. He has a grandmother who died and she was always happy and thinking of happy thoughts.

My latest blog entry: One day Arnold or Junior went to school and was late like always. His first period was with Mr.P. They needed to use the text books for class so Mr.P got everyone one text book. Mr.P told them to right there names on the back of the cover page. Arnold went to just do that and found a name that looked familiar. IT WAS HIS MOMS NAME! He was furious because he was thinking about how old the books are and got pissed off. He got so mad that he threw the book without looking and hit Mr.P without knowing. After that incident, Mr.P had a long talk to Arnold about why he threw the book in the first place and Arnold said he was furious about how old the books were. Mr.P said this was carma for him because they used to be able to hit the Indian children when they did something wrong.

My interests and favorites: Arnold's skills: basketball, drawring, walking long distances, and throwing items. Arnold's favorites: music, White stripes. Food, pizza. Book, The grapes of wrath. Sport, basketball. Arnold's interests: chicken fingers, Rowdy, and for a hobby drawring

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