Kenai Fjords Alaska

The Kenai Fjords has one of the largest ice fields called Harding Icefields. The movement of glaciers shapes the shoreline. As climate changes and glaciers recede, pioneer plants move in to prepare the land for the forests to come. "Kenai Fjords is extensively glaciated, with 51% of the park covered by ice. The Harding Icefield receives 60 feet (18 m) of snowfall per year. More than thirty glaciers originate in the icefield, which first formed about 23,000 years ago."

The main things people do at Kenai Fjords is Hiking the Harding Icefield Trail, Kayaking in Kenai Fjords, and explore The Fjords On a Boat Tour, to look for Humpback whales.

It would take about 2 1/2 days to get to the kenai fjords

The animals there have to be able to survive in the harsh weather but there adaptation is amazing.

there are sea otters

here's another

and a sea lion

"The array and adaptability of Kenai Fjord’s creatures is astounding. A sheer mountain cliff is a trail to a 2 week old kid goat. Birds here are notably better at swimming with their wings than using them in the air. Glacial ice is home sweet home to an ice worm. Whales take flying lessons and black bears enjoy sledding without equipment down steep snow chutes. It seems nearly magic but it is just nature at its most resourceful, adapting to the local extremes." A total of 191 species of birds have been documented in Kenai.

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