Kart-A-Go Tamia Cotton

Problem Statement

As a group we must design, build and evaluate the efficiency of our drill powered go- kart on three different courses. A drag strip, road, and super mileage course, that tests speed, control, and endurance of the kart. We have two marking periods to complete the go kart. We have a $25 budget at Lowes. We were provide an 18V Drill, 1 sheet of 3/4'' plywood, wood glue, and hardware.


This picture was a part of our research process. We used this picture for our inspiration for our wheel axles.
This is one of the pictures we found for our research.


Our first sketch for our go kart base. We designed our base so that it used the minimum amount of area possible of the plywood sheet.
This photo shows our process on our axle system and how far we have gotten on designing.
This is our detailed sketch of our base. It has detailed dimensions of everything. Where our seat will be, the axle system, the general dimensions, etc. are all included in this sketch.


This is our brake system. I created the individual OnShape file for it.
Our OnShape group assembly is pictured above. Each person in my group completed and individual OnShape file for each part of our go kart.
This is our V-carve file. This is the 3d view for what our go kart will look like after it is cut.

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