Instructional Technology Newsletter March 2018

PDSD tech. Updates

Classlink: Additional APps and links

Additional apps and links will soon become available to students based on your requests. Please think of commonly used apps or links you would like added to ClassLink student accounts. Click the button below to request any apps or links you and your grade partners would like to have added.

* For student home access to ClassLink, a link has been provided on each elementary school's home page under resources. Login and pass are the same the as used in the labs.

More Schoology members welcome!

As our Schoology pilot will continue into the next school year anyone who would like to participate is welcome to join, even if you did not originally sign up. I am thrilled with participation so far but the more teachers that participate the greater the impact this valuable tool will have. Please email if you would like additional information to explore this tool this year or next.

Google Certification

Congrats to PDSD's most recent Google Certified Educators!

Congrats to Jennifer, Allison, and Lauren for becoming Google Certified Educators! Please Tweet out or let me know if you pass your exam so I can get you your PDSD Google Certified Educator door badge for level 1 or 2. Educators who are already certified can also receive a badge.

If you have any questions about differentiated supervision model with Google you can contact me directly and I'd be happy to clarify any questions or support you through this process. The goal is to help you find the best of what Google has to offer to support students and your instruction. For your convenience I included a commonly asked questions sheet via the button below.

March ahead with new Tech!

Google slides:USe Grid view to monitor student collaboration as it happens

You may have had students work on a collaborative slide decks before but did you know Google Slides now offers a relatively new feature called "Grid View." Using this grid view feature teachers can easily monitor what all students are working on during collaboration, ensuring a meaningful use of time. More wonderful ideas like this can be found at AliceKeeler.com

L. image shows teacher views of slides during collaboration, R. image shows how to access this view

TRy interactive simulations in science & math with PHET!

Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations for elementary to H.S. students. PhET simulations are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery.

Adobe Spark

Looking for an easy way to make dynamic professional looking presentations for nearly any situation: newsletters, back to school night, or even student presentations? Try Adobe spark! It is free and you can sign in with your Google account. Adobe Spark offers you or students the ability to embed links, videos, pictures and other digital files with ease. It is a standout when compared to Powerpoint or Google slides. This is the program I use to create my newsletters. You can easily share links to a project once it is complete.

Biodigital Human

Biodigital human is a mostly free Google app that gives the teacher or student a 360 degree ability to explore a virtual human. The user has the ability to focus on specific systems, organs, nerve systems, bones, and even disease simulations. This would be an excellent tool for any teacher who is teacher delivering content about the human body or its systems. Use it in a basic way to highlight locations of bones or organs. Go to the next level by viewing simulations to see systems at work.

Add interest and Get fast formative feedback using answer garden

Answer Garden is a simple Web 2.0 tool used for getting feedback from a class or group. It can be used for all grade levels in any subject to add interest to lessons by allowing the class to see whole group responses in word cloud form to any question. It is quick and easy to use. A link is created for your question which can be embedded into any assignment, lesson, Google Classroom or webpage. Students click the link and add their response. This is a fun way to engage students and reflect on responses as a class.

Get innovative ideas for instruction with Matt Miller's Ditch that textbook 5 minute daily Podcast

In the time it takes you to enjoy a cup of coffee you could also be getting some great ideas to try in your classroom! Matt Miller is a teacher, author, blogger, presenter, and Google Certified Innovator from West Central Indiana. He is known for infusing technology and innovative instructional practice. He is the author of the book Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom. If you are looking for new and innovative ideas for your instruction this is a good place to start, only 5 minutes!

Looking for some interesting stem activities to try with students?

Siemens has created a list of STEM activities K12 which can be searched by grade level and subject. These activities are tied to full lesson plans & standards in a format that is ready to go. While this website is associated with a contest, the resources alone are worth taking a look at.

Please let me know how i can support you with technology

If you have questions, would like more information or support please email

Cgorniok@pdsd.org or call x8318

Follow me on Twitter @CgorniokEdTech

Thank you

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