HydroPower By:Omar Nabeel

Development: Although hydropower is renewable dams are not good for the environment. They can kill fish and vegetation, stop fish crossing, build up sediment which makes the water dirty, changes the water temperature and so on. Building a dam is costly and bad for the environment.
How it works: Water from the reservoir goes threw the penstock. As it goes further threw it builds pressure which spins the turbine that powers the generator. The electricity is then transported threw the power lines..
How to make hydropower more sustainable: Many new hydropower plants must undergo an environmental and social assessment. This means that they must find all possible pros and cons of building their hydro power plants. Another tool used by people with their own project is the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. This tool helps people build and run more sustainable hydropower projects. This tool allows the government, civil society, financial institutions, and the hydropower sector talk about sustainability issues.

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