Bullying How does Monroe junior high view bullying. Have you ever been bullied?

My research

Hello, my name is Aliyah. I researched the topic of Bullying. I was interested in this topic because I wanted to know what people were going to say about this topic. The purpose of my research was to gain knowledge about people and them being bullied or if they have ever been bullied. I asked the question," How does Monroe Junior High view bullying. Have you ever been bullied." To answer my research question I asked a total of 10 people. The sample group was made up of all seventh graders. The most common gender was female.

This is the graph when I asked what gender are you.
All the blue means they are all seventh graders
"Do you feel safe on your way to and from school?"
"Have you ever been bullied in the past month?"
"How often have you stayed away from school in order to avoid being bullied?'
"How often have you tried to help another student who was being bullied?"

What I would change about my research is to survey people in different grades to gain more knowledge.


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