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Homework is very boring; I am forced to spend hours on it each day only to receive a total of ten points on one assignment. On top of this, I have a quiz every class in order to access my knowledge on the topics learned. I cant wait until summer vacation!


Also, I have a biology test this week regarding DNA Replication, lucky me. DNA is a double helix structure also referred to as a twisted ladder. It consists of nucleotides which are made of a phosphate, sugar, and a base. Bases are paired complementary so adenine is paired with thymine and cytosine is paired with guanine. DNA is replicated semi-conservatively, meaning half the DNA strand is conserved and placed into the daughter strand.

"Its in his DNA, D da da da DNA" -Little Mix

I also have a math quiz coming up later this week. My teacher says we are taking our time on this learning target which means a few days (SOOO LONG). That is okay though, I have an A in that class anyway. Speaking of As, I managed to have an A in all my classes right now. This leads me into talking about the biology extra credit next weekend, I will being doing this because I have a low A in this class.

Never mind, never go to do this cause I am dumb and missed the sign up!!!

Anyways, I have an English project too and it is online which means I have to FIGHT for usage of this personal computer!


Its on a book I am reading about a girl and her problems.

aka I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Did I tell u that I have PSAT testing on Wednesday, I am really looking forward to that! I am going to not study at all because I am a Freshman and we shouldn't be taking that anyway!! So annoyed with myself.

blah blah blah


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