SOCCER By: Jack McCormack


You are not alone. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. If you are unfamiliar with the sport of soccer, you should read this article to learn the basics of the game. Read on to find out about the basic rules, set up, and how to play.

Set Up

The soccer field is were the action happens. In soccer you use one soccer ball, the size of the soccer ball is depending on your age. You use two goals as well, that also has a range of sizes. The soccer field is 30 yards wide and 70-100 yards long. The field will be either made of grass or turf. While playing a game of soccer you are suppose to wear a different color uniform than your opponent. Each team has eleven players on the field, but if you play indoor soccer there will only be 6 players on the field. Plus, shin pads are required while playing soccer. Shin pads are important because if you get kicked in the shin you could damage your body.


There are many rules in soccer, but one of the most important rule is NO HANDS! If you use your hands and your not a goalie the other team could have a really good scoring chance, or you could even be out of the soccer game. Also, you are not allowed to trip your opponents, but you can use your shoulder to push against your opponent. If the ball goes out in a game it could either be a through in, a goal kick or a corner. A through in is if the ball goes out of bounds on the side line, the player who did not touch the ball last has to through the ball from the side line. A goal kick is if your opponent kicks it out near your goal then your goalie or defender kicks the ball from the goal line. And a corner is when your opponent kicks the ball out near there goal and then you kick the ball from the corner of the field so you can get a good scoring chance.

Object of the Game

In soccer you try to kick the ball into your opponent's goal. Sounds easy enough, right ? Not right, there are defenders and goalies trying to stop you from scoring. A defender is a player that tries to stay back to protect the goal. A striker is a player that tries to go up and score. A midfielder tries to score and defends. A goalie tries to save the ball from going in the goal using his hands, although if he comes out of his goal he can no longer use his hands. After 90 minutes the game is over.

Using the Ball

Soccer is more than kicking the ball into the goal, everyone hes some tricks and techniques to get around defenders. Rolling the ball, keeping the ball close to you and lightly rolling your foot over the top of the ball. This becomes very useful in games. The rainbow flick is when you put one foot in front of the ball and another behind the ball, kind of like a right angle. Then, roll the ball up your front foot and flick with your front foot. The ball then shoots over your head. That is why they call it a Rainbow Flick. Players don't use this trick a lot, but you don't know when you might need it. Now that I told you about tricks I'll tell you about passing. When you pass you normally want to keep the ball on the ground, to do that you use one foot to point to where your passing and the other to kick the top of the ball. If you want to kick the ball high you kick the bottom of the ball. Shooting is a lot like passing just you kick the ball harder.

Neymar rainbow flick


Now that I've provided you with information about the basics of soccer like set up, rules, and how to play you think you might know about soccer, but you will only know once you get on the field.


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