The first Tuesday with Morrie was about the world. when Mitch walked in, he noticed that Morries legs were very skinny. Mitch had brought him lots of food that he bought from the airport. they started talking about the newspaper strike and Mitch then asked Morrie why he even bothers to read the newspaper since he is dying. Morrie said that it is strange for him to care about the would since he is dying but he feels more drawn to the world now.

I think the key points to this passage is that Morrie feels sorry for others in the world that are suffering when he is also suffering from ALS. He still feels the need to be aware of the worlds even though he is dying.

Mitch is sitting, waiting for Morrie to come back from the bathroom when he notices newspaper that was been read through before. Morrie says, "Do you think because I’m dying, I shouldn’t care what happens in this world?” (64 Albom) I think that this quote means that we should care more about the world and all of its issues because we would probably expect for everyone else to care about us when something happens to us.

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