Camille Clemons-Statesboro-12/7/2020

There is a new club at Statesboro High School called Games Changers. The Game Changers club is about creating healthy and happy communities, respecting others, building self confidence to lessen substance abuse and bullying. “I want you to feel so good about yourself that you don't have to turn to drugs'', said Mrs. Robinson. The club ran by Mrs. Tiffany Roberson and was started in Bryan County a few years ago. The club is a part of the youth branch of DFC (Drug Free Communities), a nationwide program that works with various parts of the community to reduce youth substance abuse. The club has grown and is now here in Bulloch County at Statesboro High. She plans to continue expanding the club to eventually all schools in Bulloch County. Game Changers works to get the community attention and involvement by spreading awareness. You can expect to see the club participate in many events such as First Fridays before Covid-19. However since covid-19 the club has come up with new ways to get involved in the community, in January the club will be putting flyers on cars. If you are interested in joining you can email Tiffany Roberson at trobinson@gmail.com to get a pass to come to the club meeting every Friday during First lunch in room B208.

Statesboro-9/14/2020-Camille Clemons

Student organizations at Statesboro High School include anything from drama to robotics and everything in between. Student organizations are important to shape your experience of highschool.

When you join clubs you are surrounded by people with similar interests as you which will help you make friends. And trust me friends help highschool go by much easier. When you have friends you have a support system and when you have a support system you are more likely to succeed.

Clubs give you a fun break from your classes. Some clubs let you go compete in competitions. Club competitions give you an opportunity to meet people from other schools, counties, or even from other states. Competitions are also a fun way to experience working under pressure and working with a team.

I participate in clubs such as drama, FCCLA, and anti-bullying club. I joined the anti-bullying club just to have something to do, but now it's one of my favorite things about school. I've made friends with everyone in the club. We've been on a field trip, and every now and then we have a party. This club has taught me more than just bullying; it's taught me managing skills that I can use in my future.


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