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I’m so pleased you have found me! Who am I?

Just a lady living with her high-school sweetheart of a husband, her pug and her cat, in a camper on the road!

In early 2018, we sold our home and decided to move full-time into our camper, lovingly named 'Babette', so we could travel the country as we wished! I'm also a travel blogger, sharing my favorite mistakes, tips, and hacks on NessieOutofWater.com.

Most likely, I am somewhere on the planet! But no worries, my passport stays current and I will come to you! I accept 12 weddings a year, and take portrait sessions in the area the rest of the year.

To see when I will be in your area, check this page!


These two sessions are designed to tell your beautiful, unique story. Since your life follows it’s own flow, Lifestyle and Day In The Life sessions are guided and directed, with few posed portraits. These sessions are perfect for telling a story such as an engagement, or capturing your child’s highschool story for perfect Senior Portraits. They take place on location, and can be photographed at locations unique or special to you.

As your session includes the digital images, an online gallery and mobile app will be provided to you with the enhanced photographs for you to download your session.

2 Hour Lifestyle Session $600


Day In The Life $1500 for 6 Hours

Portrait Sessions are perfect for gathering the family together and capturing sweet, posed family portraits. These sessions are one hour long and on location. They are ideal for capturing your growing family, updating your frames at home, capturing your senior's final year of school, and gathering photographs for holiday cards!

As your session includes the digital images, an online gallery and mobile app will be provided to you with the enhanced photographs for you to download your session.


Be yourself! You will look and feel your best when you are comfortable. With that said, I do recommend avoiding any small patterns, or anything with large logos or text on them. Ladies, make sure you are freshly manicured! Feel free to accessorize, but I would suggest not wearing more jewelry than normal for you. I recommend having two outfits prepared for most sessions- one casual, and one more formal. I recommend avoiding any small patterns. If we are photographing on location, feel free to bring a casual pair of sandals to change into when we are walking from location to location.

For Senior Portraits, feel free to bring along anything which represents who you are at this point in your life. If you're a band person, bring the horn! A football player, bring the uniform! The more personal we can make your session, the more you will have fun and enjoy having portraits to look back on!

Ladies, make sure you are freshly manicured!

For couples and individuals wanting to rock a romantic look, opt for long flowy dresses. Windy swept fabric is always perfect for a romantic look! I am a texture fan, so feel free to bring cute little items like knit scarves, fur lined hats, etc!

Please note, in order to make the most of your session, punctuality is key! Also, keep your outfit changes simple as time does not stop while you are changing.

Thank you so much for viewing the Session Catalogue! Pricing is subject to change.

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Janelle Yeager Photography

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