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The Nomad in the Pretty Camper

I’m so happy you have found me! Figuring out where I am can be like a difficult page in a "Where's Waldo" book! Luckily, I have my travel schedule posted, so you can see when I will be in your area!

So who am I?

Just a lady living with her high-school sweetheart of a husband, her pug and her cat, in a camper on the road! My friends joke that I'm going to park 'down by the river', and I say "what's wrong with that? It's a great view!"

In early 2018, we sold our home and decided to move full-time into our camper, Dabby, so we could travel the country as we wished! We are currently in the midst of renovating her to make her our own! I'm also a travel blogger, sharing my favorite mistakes, tips, and hacks on NessieOutofWater.com.

So where am I located? Most likely, I am somewhere on the planet! But no worries, my passport stays current and I will come to you! I accept 12 weddings a year, and take lifestyle sessions while I'm in those areas!

Le Travel Schedule:

All dates and destinations are estimates based on travel and bookings.

Current- March 15: North Central Texas

March 15-April 1: Cincinnati/Louisville/Madison, Indiana

April 1-May 5: Tennessee Area

May 10-June 30: Northern Illinois/Wisconsin

What is considered "In the area?"

In most cases, if I'm within a 2-hour drive of you, then you are "in the area". Do you live further than 2 hours? No problem! I'll still come to you, I'll just bill you for the extra gas.


Session Guide

Your Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions are my absolute favorite! We get to drop all the posey Pinterest stuff and get down to who you really are! The real beauty in photography comes out when you are sharing an honest, beautiful story.

These beautiful sessions are perfect for anyone and everyone. We all have a story to share! Whether you are expecting your first child, getting married, celebrating 50 years of putting up with the same person, or just playing in the yard with your dog, thanks to Father Time, these are moments which simply can't last forever.

My style is completely photojournalistic. Thanks to this, instead of posed portraits, we get to experience sessions which are guided and inspired by how you interact with those you love most.

Don't you dare say "My story is boring!" There is nothing boring about how dear and dreamy or goofy and wild you become with your loved ones when no one else is around.

As this is your story to share, your session will include the enhanced digital images, as well as an online gallery so you can easily show and tell!



Sessions average 3 hours.

What to Wear

Be yourself! You will look and feel your best when you are comfortable. Feel free to accessorize, but I would suggest not wearing anything out of the norm.

I recommend having two outfits prepared for most sessions. Small patterns don't typically photograph well, so I would avoid them if possible.

If we are photographing in home, remember not to worry about the small stuff. Unless you have a fulltime maid, your home is probably never 100% clean, and that's okay. Messes happen when life is beautiful! Just be comfortable with how it looks.

Please note, in order to make the most of your session, punctuality is key!

Pricing is subject to change.

To contact me, click the link below!

So, What's Next?

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