Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH SYdney kotin

Nature on Display

The Coloration exhibit at the Butterfly Rainforest

I found the coloration exhibit to be beautiful and appealing. Not only were the colors of these butterflies and the patterns amazing to look at, but they have a purpose too. The sign informed me that these colors help attract mates, hide from predators, keep them warm, and to startle predators. It was amazing to learn why something as simple and beautiful as a butterfly was as pretty as it is.

Nature and Ethics

The Drinking Exhibit at the Butterfly Rainforest

It is important for the human species to respect nature and not disturb the natural cycle of life as well as interfere with the life functions of other species. This exhibit on butterflies and drinking habits point out that female butterflies rely on morning dew that forms on leaves as a source of water. It would be unethical for people to cut down trees or get rid of plants because it would be stopping a butterfly from getting everything it needs to survive and keep nature natural.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Reproduction exhibit at the Butterfly Rainforest

The Reproduction exhibit was mysterious simply due to the fact that the process of an egg turning into a caterpillar and then a cocoon to someday eventually be a butterfly is like no other animal. Although science can explain this phenomenon, this is still a mysterious process of nature and life in my eyes.

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