ECN Councils harvesting our journeys together

Dear community

We're offering you a different harvesting experience with this presentation.

All you need to do is keep scrolling down the river and go through the visual narrative forest of stories and images.

First we'll share how the Council came to happen. After that we'll share the stories and finally a review of the process.

Slown down as much as possible, take your time and enjoy the ride.

The Fire'Water Keepers

Invitation to join the ECN Council

On the 10th of February, we had the year 2020 first Keepers Council with a group of 15 carriers coming from Portugal, Brazil, Netherlands, Turkey, Palestine, Austria, Germany, and Iran. Our intention was to widen the listening. We wanted to be together and to listen to stories on what's happening in the field!

The agenda for our Council

Introduction: who are we the Keepers, where are "we" after the Gathering has ended, practical aspects (how the zoom council works, duration, requests, time limits, etc.), sharing the Keepers agenda for today.

Opening Ceremony: brief meditation and setting forth the intentions.

Check in: How are you now and what do you want to share with the world?

Round: Share a story from your Council field. What’s happening?

Feedback & Check out round: If you have any feedback on the process, please share it with us so we can better serve the community. How are you now? Share what you must to leave feeling seen and integrated.

Closing the Ceremony

the Sharing of Stories

We want to recount the stories that came without harming them.

These stories, if left untold and disentangled from our awareness, would leave out some opportunities for thoughtful insights such as what's happening in the field and where we might be as a collective.

It's our belief that they surface a bigger story of interconnectedness between us all.

With this harvest, it's our intention to present the community with a recount made from all the bits and pieces of highlights we collected. We see this as weaving the stories together into one imaginative tapestry.

Opening the Ceremony

To all the Councils around the world, may we remember our hope for transformation when we're sitting at a crossroad.

Tell us a story about what's happening in your Council field...

The story of the Tree

Will the tree we planted outlive the winter? We don't know... In a way, the tree is like our network. We know that once it's delivered to the earth, where it belongs, it does what it knows best: grows its roots deep and strong. We have hope. We already see things happening!

The Dream from last night

I'm in this school room where a group is presenting a work experiment they did with Council. There was a committee to assess the work outcome. I was disturbed by everything I was seeing. This experiment had nothing to do with Council. I see the committee leaving the room. I start crying and feeling very sad. I thought this is a misuse and a misrepresentation of what Council is.

A story about transparency and trust

We had a Council full of stories, spacious and with time to speak what had not been spoken until now. That brought us much needed transparency and trust. I saw many people stepping up and taking more responsibility for the network. I stand grateful and feel responsible for where I am now, I'm changing the form. My expectations were driving me before, but I've changed. Forcing something is not the way.

The Medicine Walk

We were in the South and we all turned towards the snow mountains, it was so beautiful! Everyone was facing the same direction. We had a medicine-walk close to a river to sense in which direction this network must go. What is the way forward now? What does each one of us see from their perspective? We wanted insights and a brand new clean start.

The next Gathering

When we had the process at the ECN to find where the next gathering could be, I had a strong feeling. I imagined we could find a team that would prepare the next gathering in a location where we could stay for a few years, like Ojai in the US. We Europeans move every year, maybe we should find a place to be for some time. I have a place in mind.

Returning to the Heart

After the ECN, I told myself I don't want to hear more about Council. It was such an emotional experience to go through. Deep, powerful, and profound. Because of that, it took me a while to integrate everything. I needed my time to harmonize with Council frequency again. Now I feel that I'm back!

The Conversation

I remember a conversation I had two years ago. Someone told me that Council was more a way of living. Today I understand this much better. To me, Council is a way of being alive, a way to bring stories and to listen from the heart. It hasn't been easy, but it's in my blood. And it's beautiful!

Things are blossoming

In my ceremony, I had one question coming to me from each direction. The one that resonates most with me now is: How will I reach and touch people with Council? I've been increasingly listening to calls for Council. More and more. Things are blossoming much faster!

There is an expansion happening. I'm in movement.

Looking at my roots

What does it mean to be in Council in the Ojai tradition? My teachers, who are they, and what have I learned with them? Who are my Council people and the land I'm sitting in Council with? It's all connected, you see? Listening to stories like that it's very empowering to me.

They do Council every week, a large number of people. Things are growing!

I've met a place in the South, it's like a paradise. A place where we could have a gathering. A playground for nature and for the inner-child! While I was there, it made me remember Council a lot. I miss space for deep listening. I didn't realize then how much I was missing it.

More than meet the eye

I was there, about to lead a Council but they told me only a couple of people would come. I thought it's ok..., I'll do it anyways. It seemed that there was no energy at all in the beginning. But then 35 people came along and the energy ramped! I'm feeling so happy.

I was staying alone in the west but I've came out of it. The light inside me is more powerful now.

Many villages coming together

I have a local Council group in the village where I live. The energy of people coming together is great, especially when they are coming from different regions and different countries. It's very important in these times to connect with people who are on the same path. It gives me great hope!

Closing the ceremony

Evaluating the process

Every since we started our ECN zoom Councils, we've been sugested to ask people to give us their feedback on how the process felt to them. We try to combine your feedback with our own reflection process and we always have a team debrief afterwards.

In our next ECN Council we'll make some changes based on the inputs we had from you. We'll make some changes in the group dynamic to bring more peer connection during Council, and also facilitation tools to equally share and raise time awareness.

And so we come to an end for this harvest. May the seeds of these stories find a fertile ground in you!

If you would like to talk to us, reach out for that orange and write us an email to fire.water.keepers@council-network.eu

In circle,

the Fire'Water Keepers

Hope to see you in our next ECN Council.
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João Correia


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