Art. Anarchy. ALMOST a website

Pnutwhistle wrestling with website building and other torments.

This is not a website...because this is Pnutwhistle. She is utterly useless at technical stuff. She finds it tedious and infuriating... she is working on a site and store, we promise. But since she moves in technologically challenged circles it may take a while. Till then this is what we are work8ng with. Peruse this very small selection of their wares and feel free to volunteer your services. No really.

Pnutwhistle may know next to nothing about art, have no real technical skills to speak of but she just cannot seem to stop Arting. Ok that's not a real word but it really should be.

Of course there are paintings....lots and lots of paintings. On 80% (ish) recycled/repurposed materials. She is not a fan of waste. All manner of paints, pens, inks and unusual media (makeup, nail polish, wine, dirt, oil etc) are used, whatever is to hand. Most paintings are for sale, commissions can be discussed bit are not always possible. Don't be sad. Rejection can be so character building.

Sales inquiries contact

Arting (good word, admit it...) also includes photograpy, conventional and, well, not so conventional. If you have a burning desire to Zombify your wedding photo, alarm your family by decapitating them in portrait form or transfer your pimples onto your ex-boyfriend/mother-in-law/boss then she can make that happen. Probably.

All rights reserved. Prints available.

Intital suspicions about the ipencil were short lived ...from sketching ideas to finished pieces , it makes Arting about faster.

Don't even think about printing/using images without permission!

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