Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH BY Pedro Munoz

Nature on Display

The most appealing exhibit to me when I attended was the "Frogs: A Chorus of Colors" exhibit, mostly due to the fact that there were actual frog species from many different places. I saw that they had African bullfrogs the size of large rocks and small poison dart frogs that could cause serious injury with the poisonous mucus on their skin. I learned a lot about how frogs and many other amphibious species are currently on a quick decline because of rapid spreading disease killing many species. I also got true understanding about the size of these creatures that I once thought were only relatively small. This experience was so enjoyable because I love seeing animals that I do not see on a day to day basis and see how they behave in their environment. The argument can be made that I can see this on the internet, but there is better sense of awe when I get to see the animal in person.

Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly exhibit allowed me to experience nature in a more respectful and admirable way than usual. Inside the exhibit, I was able to to see how delicate these butterflies were and how gracefully they flew in their enclosure. I felt happy and in awe as I walked through the exhibit with butterflies flying around and gracefully landing flowers. There were children in the exhibit at the same time I was and they were loving the experience of butterflies flying around them and seeing the swirls of colors in the air by multiple different species in the enclosure. Being able to at the very least just sit in the enclosure, nonetheless walk through it, allowed visitors be closer to nature and be up close with the animals. This instilled upon me an ethical responsibility to nature by showing me how beautiful and graceful nature is that should be shared with people of all cultures.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum definitely helped step out of my ordinary life, in particular, the fossil exhibit. Walking through this exhibit made me feel like I was walking through a prehistoric world. Instead of being in this constantly moving world, I was able to step out of it and enter a world I would never be able to, but I could at least wonder. It helps people see that there are other things that go on in nature without the constant movement of American culture. Especially in this exhibit, is shows the mystery of creatures that existed before us and majesty of their size that sometimes cannot be comprehended. We are allowed to step out of our reality and enter one that is fueled by creativity and science.

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