1. Gather materials: red roving, about the length of my hand with fibers spread out, felting pen, green upholstery foam block.

2. Pinch and roll fibers into a ball shape. Stab the felting pen into the fibers on the foam block causing the fibers to lock together.

3. Pull roving off the foam, roll fibers in hands, then repeat stabbing with felting pen. Repeat this process until a firm ball of felted wool is made.

4. Pull out and/or add fibers to shape the tail and head of a bird.

5. Take small pieces of fibers of other colors needed to complete face. For the cardinal, black and yellow were used. Twist to shape then felt in place.

6. Other pieces of roving can be felted to add some environment for the felted animal. Brown roving was used for creating a branch for the cardinal.


Created with images by rengber - "Cardinal"

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