Audience feedback Ollie ellen

Audience feedback is crucial in the film making process as without it the producers won't know if the film will be successful. To gain audience feedback in our group we decided on creating a Qualitative research. I created this by questioning a mixture of 5 random people 5 different questions about an early draft of our sequence. Here are the screenshots of questions and answers and how we acted upon feedback.

My first question was a simple one, I used this question to get a understanding if the audience knew what genre our film was. As when we showed this all we had was a first draft title sequence, I was happy with the results with all people answering something to do with the horror genre. As our genre was slasher we needed more tokens and iconography to let the audience know of our sub-genre.

I then asked simply what do you think she be improved. As I am directly asking the audience I am getting a useful response and if we completed these changes we know it would appeal more. Again as we showed them a very early draft of the title sequence we knew there was a-lot to improve upon.

The next question asked was to find out some positives about our piece so I could then look back and see if I could add these strong points anywhere else. I found out from this that the soundtrack I found for the titles proved a success, so no improvements were needed there.

I then asked a more specific question about the micro feature mise-en-scene. Looking back I should have asked an opinion on each of the 5 aspects of mise en scene however i did not. I still received helpful feedback as we improved on all areas criticised

Once again I asked another simple easy question to get an understanding on what the audience want and would prefer to see from our sequence. The shots that were mentioned here by the audience were then used more frequently as we knew that the shot was a hit with the audience.

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