My Art Portfolio By: faye yacka

This was a picture of a surealist eye. The eye focuses on another image like in this drawing it is focusing on a tropical flower. The hardest part of this picture probably was to get the shapes exactly the same size and having to blend the colors. The easiest part of this drawing is picking the colors to match. (Probably my worst)

This is a picture of a sandal. This shoe focuses on the contrasts and the shadows. The hardest part of this drawing was to get the blue and yellow to match perfectly with the brown, black, and gray in the shoe.

This is a drawing of my logo for Netflix. It shows the bed as the "L" and the "i" sideways is the person laying in bed watch a movie on Netflix. The hardest part of this drawing was to get the perfect red and to get the letters the same size as eachother.

This is my package design for the Netflix logo. It is a tv cabinet with the gift card inside it. This shows that you can watch a show or a movie on this program. The hard part about this package was getting the same size sides for the cabinet box.

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