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A Message from Superintendent Kent P. Scribner | Important Information About the Coming School Year (FAQ) | Fort Worth ISD Will Offer Both ‘In-Person’ and ‘Virtual Learning’ This Fall: Parents May Choose Either Option Starting July 1 with Online Enrollment | District Releases Results from the 2020-21 Reshaping Fort Worth ISD Survey: Nearly 35,000 Shared Opinions on Wide Variety of Issues | Fort Worth ISD Shares Information About 2020 Virtual Graduations: Online Graduation Ceremonies Scheduled for Saturday, June 20, Will Be Followed by Voluntary In-Person Celebrations the Week of June 23 | Virtual Graduation Online LinksFort Worth ISD Virtual Town Hall: Opportunity for all Stakeholders to Question District LeadershipFWISD Boosts Team Responding To Parent Info Line Calls | FWISD Celebrates Substitute Teachers With Drive-Through Appreciation Event | FWISD To Add P-TECH, ECHS Academies At High Schools This Fall | Pass-In-Review Ceremony Celebrates Nearly 250 Student Awards | FWISD Accepts 2020 Teaching Chair Applications: Application Deadline is June 25Senior Spotlight: Leslie Parra | Inside FWISD Briefs | Fort Worth ISD Snapshot | Community Resources | Calendar | View more stories throughout the week on the Inside FWISD Blog

A Message from Superintendent Kent P. Scribner

EDITOR'S NOTE: Colleagues, please see this message from Superintendent Kent P. Scribner in English and Spanish regarding our plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Important Information About the Coming School Year (FAQ)

Many of you have shared your questions and concerns following our announcement on Wednesday that we are planning for school to reopen for all students, every day, next year.

Please know that this is a work in progress. We anticipate TEA guidelines will come out next week and give us even more information about what we can and can’t do when classes resume on August 17.

In the meantime, we wanted to let you know as early as possible so you can share your own questions with us.

We are asking you to send your comments, suggestions, and queries to the Fort Worth ISD Let’s Talk platform. That way we will have a record of every concern, be able to more effectively track our responses, and add to the plan.

In the meantime, we want to immediately address some of the questions we have received. We are committed to sharing what has been decided as soon as know. That includes the information that parents will have the ability to choose whether their student will attend

How will that work?

To effectively plan for next year, we are going to ask our parents to let us know what school environment they will be interested in for their children next year. When they register online starting July 1, parents will make the decision for their student –and the District and campus will plan accordingly.

What will virtual learning look like this fall?

Virtual learning will look different than it did in the spring. While our plan to finish out the spring semester allowed us to keep students progressing with their learning, it was and is not comprehensive enough to replace ongoing schooling.

How will it be different?

Lessons and content to be covered during in-person classes will be the same lessons and content covered during virtual classes.

All teachers will come back to work next school year. Each campus will be unique on how the instruction is delivered according the personnel resources and enrollment of students virtually.

Will all teachers return to school this fall?

All staff will return to schools in the fall to support both in-person instruction and teacher directed virtual instruction. In order to provide in-person and virtual instruction and to keep students safely distanced while in-person, we will need all staff to be active contributors to both instructional delivery platforms. The instruction delivered virtually will be at the same level as instruction delivered in-person.

Will parents be able to change their decision for a student to receive online or face-to-face instruction after the year begins?

We are encouraging our parents to choose an option for an entire semester, but we will work with our families on an individual basis as the need arises.

What happens if a health issue arises in a school?

If a health issue arises in a school, we already have the virtual platform established and students will transition as seamlessly as possible. The District will provide CDC aligned protocol for each campus to follow.

What will the District do about transportation?

A Transportation team is working on this issue as we speak. As we receive updated guidelines we will revise plans.

How will we maintain social distancing among students and staff?

We are evaluating our buildings and redefining classrooms. Depending on how many students can be in an instructional environment, we have to prepare additional spaces in our buildings to become classrooms. When parents register their children online, it will help campuses plan accordingly.

Will we need additional instructors?

All staff members may need to support classroom instruction. Some may monitor virtual lessons delivered by a certified teacher in a different room in the building.

What kind of professional development is now and/or will be available to teachers who want to learn more about online instruction and the virtual classroom?

Online professional development is currently available to Fort Worth ISD teachers and more will be added in the next few weeks. The topics cover a wide range of subjects and can be accessed here.

What will be done at the building level to make the environment safe?

Our protocols for cleaning will change --- dramatically. While our custodial staff has always performed exemplary work, they will now have extra resources and help. Their work schedules will shift, as well. Duties that were formerly performed in the late afternoon or evening will now become part of a campus’s daytime routine, and will occur multiple times while students and staff are present.

How will this work be monitored?

FWISD Division of Operations is committed to ensuring our schools are safe, clean and disinfected. The District has an environmental manager who is:

Monitoring CDC guidelines to ensure the District is following the most current recommendations

Providing additional training to custodians to instruct and reinforce cleaning procedures to effectively address coronavirus

Adjusting custodial schedules so more of the workforce is available during the day in order to be constantly cleaning and disinfecting when employees and students are in the building.

The District is using an EPA approved disinfectant to kill the coronavirus which is in compliance or exceeds the CDC guidelines.

  • Custodial staff is cleaning and disinfecting door knobs, handrails, and other highly used surfaces during the day and at the end of each day.
  • Assuring hand sanitizer dispensers are full and operational.
  • Restrooms are being monitored throughout the day to ensure they are clean and are supplied with soap and other necessary supplies.

Presently, the deep summer cleaning of our schools is underway, which includes stripping and waxing floors as well as deep cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

Will the District provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)?

Yes, PPE will be made available to each campus and District facility including face coverings, gloves, and equipment required for wellness checks.

What happens if an employee has concerns about returning to work?

There are several options available. First an employee with concerns should contact Fort Worth ISD Employee Services at 817-814-2790 or via email emp.services@fwisd.org

When will we receive additional details?

We expect TEA to release additional guidelines next week that will provide details for the district to plan around transportation, cafeteria, and athletics.

Again, we welcome your questions and suggestions and urge you to utilize the District’s Let’s Talk platform to share them with us.

Fort Worth ISD Will Offer Both ‘In-Person’ and ‘Virtual Learning’ This Fall

Parents May Choose Either Option Starting July 1 with Online Enrollment

The Fort Worth Independent School District is taking “school choice” to a new level -- offering parents two options in the 2020-21 school year: in-person instruction or virtual learning.

When school begins on August 17, parents may either send their students to campus or participate in an online learning environment. But first, they will make that decision starting July 1 when online enrollment begins.

“In May, we asked all stakeholders for their feedback,” said Superintendent Kent P. Scribner. “Their thoughtful responses informed our decision to provide quality options for every student and family and their particular needs.”

However, the virtual classroom experience will look very different than it did in the spring following the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

“All Fort Worth ISD teachers will report to work at a school,” Dr. Scribner continued. “Whether they are teaching in-person or online -- or both --they will do so from a classroom setting and engage over the course of a usual school day.”

The online learning experience will be much more robust, reflecting new professional training and higher expectations for both educators and students. Simultaneously, in person instruction will follow strict guidelines to protect the health and safety of everyone in a campus setting.

The District queried parents, students, employees, and community members about their feelings regarding online instruction and a modified return to campus as well as the academic calendar. Almost 35,000 people took part. Of that number, 52% said they preferred the traditional school calendar this fall. A plan for a split-day schedule at school was not as popular with the respondents.

Complete details about the survey are available on the Fort Worth ISD website.

Additional details about both online and in-person instruction will be shared in coming days.

District Releases Results from the 2020-21 Reshaping Fort Worth ISD Survey

Nearly 35,000 Shared Opinions on Wide Variety of Issues

Last month, the Fort Worth ISD surveyed parents, students, employees, and community members about a variety of issues including instructional quality and meals to go services during COVID-19 shutdown as well as the academic calendar for the coming year.

Almost 35,000 people took part.

Of that number, as we have previously shared, 52% said they preferred the traditional school calendar this fall. Today the District is sharing other results from the survey—including the quality of remote learning this spring -- and showing the breakdown of responses from each stakeholder group.

Who Responded

  • Parent/Guardian (16,122) and Community (2,318) participants were considerably higher than previous District surveys for parent and community participants.
  • 5,540 self-identified teachers participated.

Academic Calendar

  • As we previously shared, this was a close choice. Parents (55%), students (55%), teachers (56%), and community members (52%) preferred the traditional calendar option more than the early start with extended breaks calendar option.
  • Most District staff, except for school support, preferred the early start with extended breaks calendar option.
  • If the District had to consider an academic schedule modification because of COVID-19 restrictions, having students come on alternating days (Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday) was preferred than alternating times (am or pm) within the same day.
  • Overall, all stakeholder groups felt somewhat supported to very supported by the Fort Worth ISD during the COVID-19 stay at home mandates.

Return to School and Work Concerns and Needs

  • Elementary students top concerns are fears of getting sick, other students not practicing social distancing, and adapting back into the school environment.
  • Secondary students also had fears of becoming sick as well as feelings of being behind in their classes and their school being properly cleaned.
  • Both groups needs are to know that schools are being properly cleaned and social distancing practices are enforced.
  • Parents and guardians expressed concern about the availability of safety materials such as PPE, that public health regulations are not being followed, and schools are not being properly disinfected.
  • They want to be assured school areas are sanitized properly with the availability of cleaning supplies when needed, the appropriate school procedures are in place to keep their student safe and require symptoms checks.
  • School and District staff are concerned with the availability of disinfecting materials, returning to school and buildings too early, and having in-person interactions with others. They want to be assured they will have access to disinfecting supplies, work spaces are cleaned and sanitized daily, and health and safety procedures are followed.

Meal Services

  • Most parent respondents did not use the “meals to go” services this spring.
  • However, 97% of parents agreed that this service should continue during the summer.
  • Parents who did use the service were extremely (61%) to somewhat (30%) satisfied with the “meals to go” distribution.

Remote Learning

  • 62% of parents thought the amount of schoolwork their student was assigned was just the right number of lessons.
  • 72% of parents thought their student was provided enough instruction.
  • 62% of parents believe their student will be ready for the next grade level.
  • 79% were somewhat to extremely satisfied with Bilingual/ELL services.
  • 47% were somewhat to extremely satisfied with the services provided to students with special needs.
  • 60% were somewhat to extremely satisfied with Dyslexia services.

Complete details about the survey are available on the Fort Worth ISD website.

Fort Worth ISD Shares Information About 2020 Virtual Graduations

Online Graduation Ceremonies Scheduled for Saturday, June 20, Will Be Followed by Voluntary In-Person Celebrations the Week of June 23

The Fort Worth ISD is preparing to celebrate the Class of 2020 with virtual graduations on Saturday, June 20. The following week students may also choose to participate in outdoor ‘in-person’ celebrations, following recently-issued TEA guidelines for such ceremonies.

Almost 5,000 seniors are expected to participate in the online ceremonies; the outdoor events are voluntary and will have limited audience members.

The outdoor celebrations will also be contingent on public health conditions and will take place at either Farrington Field or Clark Stadium, the District’s two largest outdoor athletic venues from June 23-26. The District will follow CDC guidelines for social distancing.

For more graduation details, visit www.fwisd.org/graduation.

Virtual Graduation Online Links

Fort Worth ISD will honor all graduating Seniors with a Virtual Commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 20, 2020.

Our virtual graduation allows certification of graduating seniors without further delay, valedictorians and salutatorians will be honored, and every Senior will have the opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments.

Virtual Graduations are due to the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place prohibiting large gatherings and the continued closure of schools across Texas. Time and online links for each school are listed on the Fort Worth ISD graduation page.


Opportunity for all Stakeholders to Question District Leadership

What: “A Community Conversation: Real Talk with FWISD Leaders”.

Where: The event will be held as a zoom webinar (bit.ly/FWISDCC) and streamed to YouTube (search for YouTube FWISD Equity).

When: Thursday, June 25, 2020, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Who: Superintendent Kent P. Scribner, his department chiefs, all community stakeholders (including students, parents, teachers, staff and community members)

On Thursday, June 25, 2020 the Fort Worth ISD will hold conduct a virtual town hall meeting titled A Community Conversation: Real Talk with FWISD Leaders. The online meeting will air from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Superintendent Kent P. Scribner, joined by his departmental leadership team are inviting all community stakeholders, including students, to attend and voice questions and share concerns. This event will begin by briefly sharing the results of the recent “Reshaping 2020-2021” survey.

The recent FWISD Board of Education Resolution “To Be Silent Is to Be Complicit”, outlined an expectation that FWISD partner with communities of color to develop solutions for racial inequities. This event serves as an opportunity for District leaders to engage in dialogue with the community to build trust and ensure that all students are served equitably. The Division of Equity and Excellence is committed to hosting community conversations throughout the year to provide multiple opportunities for stakeholders to engage with leaders.

“We don’t want to be in the business of making decisions on behalf of communities of color without engaging them in the conversation,” said Sherry Breed, chief of Equity and Excellence. “If we are to prepare ALL students, we must work with their families and communities to do so.”

The event will be held as a zoom webinar (bit.ly/FWISDCC) and streamed to YouTube (search for YouTube FWISD Equity).

FWISD Boosts Team Responding To Parent Info Line Calls

Are you a Fort Worth ISD parent with questions about Parent Portal, your child’s final report card or registration for the upcoming school year?

The District has developed a robust team including FWISD personnel from the Family Communications and Community and Strategic Partnerships departments and the Elementary and Secondary leadership to respond to parent questions and provide community resources and school-related information.

The Parent Info Line is open from 7 a.m. to 5:30p.m. Monday through Thursday. Call 817-814-2070 or email parentinfo@fwisd.org.

Since May, the Parent Info Line has answered and responded to 2,600 calls, said Jennifer Perez, Family Communications director.

“Our motto is, if we don't know the answer, we'll find the person who does,” Ms. Perez said. “We want to provide families with an avenue to have any question answered in a timely and friendly manner.”

Call the Parent Info Line today!

FWISD Celebrates Substitute Teachers With Drive-Through Appreciation Event

Fort Worth ISD’s annual Substitute Appreciation Event has a different look this year.

The District recognized more than 500 substitutes with substitute teacher supply appreciation bags at a “drive by” event today, June 18, at Farrington Field. Now in its fourth year, the annual Substitute Appreciation Event recognizes substitute teachers who teach at FWISD schools on a regular basis.

Substitute teachers who subbed at least 60 workdays during the 2019-2020 academic year prior to the 2020 spring break were welcomed to participate in the invitation-only event.

FWISD substitute teachers being recognized have assisted more than 5,500 classroom teachers and 85,000 students in teaching and learning, according to Human Capital Management officials.

“Ready or not, the students arrive ready to learn in FWISD’s 148 schools every day. Our substitute teachers ensure teaching and learning continues in every classroom when the primary teacher cannot be on duty,” said Patrick Smith, HCM employee relations director. “Substitutes who work more often in our schools understand and know the students, the curriculum, and the many practices and learning activities which make FWISD great.”

FWISD To Add P-TECH, ECHS Academies At High Schools This Fall

This fall, the Fort Worth ISD will launch four Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) and one Early College High School (ECHS) academies at comprehensive high schools across the District.

P-TECH academies are launching this fall at Eastern Hills, Dunbar, North Side and Polytechnic high schools. An ECHS Academy kicks off its inaugural year at Southwest High School this August. Spaces are still available this fall in some academies. Interested students may apply at www.fwisd.org.choice.

The District currently offers two ECHS academies at Dunbar High School and O.D. Wyatt High School. Tarrant County College- South Collegiate is the District’s sole P-TECH campus. FWISD has two Stand-Alone ECHS campuses located on a Tarrant County College Campus – Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Marine Creek. The difference between academies and stand-alone campuses is that academies are not offered to an entire campus but offers select students who’ve applied and been accepted through the Gold Seal program an opportunity at participating in the academy. The academies will accept 50 students per grade level annually starting at the ninth grade.

“What we’re beginning to see across the state … in large districts there are ECHS and PTECH’s being put in comprehensive high schools. The benefit of a neighborhood school is its closer to home [and] allows students to stay in their neighborhood high school,” said Lisa Castillo, FWISD Executive Director of Choice and Enrichment Programming. “What you’ll see in the large urban areas is that there are more ECHS and P-TECH schools to serve the students and see to it that they have options.

“I think it’s an exciting time.”

P-TECH programs allow students to complete high school having worked with local and regional industry partners, earning up to five industry certifications, a tuition-free associate’s degree and more than 60 transferable college credit hours. ECHS students, like their P-TECH peers, earn a tuition-free associate’s degree and college credit hours that are transferable to any public Texas four-year institution.

“I foresee students being able to navigate those college waters early,” Ms. Castillo said. “I also see it lifting up how we do school.

“This will continue to give students opportunities that they’ve never seen before.”

An estimated 1,500 to 1,600 FWISD students are expected to participate in P-TECH and ECHS programs the 2020-2021 academic year.

Workforce Pipeline

P-TECH programs require schools align pathways with regional and local future workforce needs and result in high-wage, high-demand careers for students, Ms. Castillo said. Each P-TECH program in the FWISD has at least one industry partner it works with to offer students opportunities such as learning from and networking with industry personnel, on-site company visits, internships, apprenticeships and ultimately preferential interviews for a full-time job upon completing their education.

The FWISD Board of Education is expected to consider Memorandums of Understanding with P-TECH industry partners on June 23.

The following P-TECH academy offerings start in August:

  • Eastern Hills- Information Technology and Cyber Security
  • North Side- Health Science
  • Polytechnic- Education
  • Dunbar- Manufacturing (Aircraft Composites)

College and Career Readiness

About 370 schools in Texas have either implemented one or more Career Readiness School Models (CCRSM) or are in the planning phrase with goals to launch the program next school year. The Texas CCRSM Network includes Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (T-STEM) Academies, Early College High Schools (ECHS), and Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH).

Earlier this year, FWISD’s TCC-South campus was among three schools in Texas selected to represent the state’s CCRSM programs. In January, the campus – which just completed its first year as a P-TECH school – hosted a P-TECH Showcase attended by industry partners and more than 60 educators interested in implementing their very own P-TECH programs.

Launch of P-TECH programs are preceded by a planning year with the Texas Education Agency. Districts look at workforce data and projections to determine future community workforce needs. Industry partners play a role in the planning process.

FWISD will use the 2020-2021 academic year as a planning year for future P-TECH programs at South Hills, Carter-Riverside and Diamond Hill-Jarvis high schools, Ms. Castillo said.

TCC will partner with FWISD in offering tuition-free associate’s degrees and industry credentials to students participating in P-TECH and ECHS programs. The District will also partner with Texas Wesleyan University in providing course offerings for participating students. The University of North Texas, while not

providing courses to students, will offer students in Polytechnic High’s Education P-TECH Academy, a pipeline in which they can transfer the college credits earned in high school into the university’s four-year education program, Ms. Castillo said.

Prior to classes starting in August, students enrolled in 2020-2021 P-TECH and ECHS programs will participate in a summer bridge program to prepare for what’s ahead.

Spaces are still available to enroll in some P-TECH and ECHS academies. Interested students are encouraged to complete FWISD’s Gold Seal Programs of Choice late application at www.fwisd.org/choice.

Pass-In-Review Ceremony Celebrates Nearly 250 Student Awards

Nearly 250 student awards were recently announced at Fort Worth ISD’s annual JROTC/JCC Pass-In-Review ceremony.

The annual event, generally held at Farrington Field, was hosted virtually Friday, May 29 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cadets from 15 FWISD high schools received 249 awards for student achievement by the JROTC and patriotic organizations. Students from Arlington Heights, Benbrook, Carter-Riverside, Diamond Hill-Jarvis, Dunbar, Eastern Hills, North Side, Paschal, Polytechnic, South Hills, Southwest, Trimble Tech, Young Men’s Leadership Academy and O.D. Wyatt high schools were recognized with awards.

The capstone JROTC/JCC Pass-In-Review ceremony is a culmination of the hard work and accomplishments made by JROTC/JCC cadets throughout the school year and it acknowledges students’ leadership development.

The ceremony promotes citizenship, patriotism, and community service and highlights this country’s heritage and values.

This year’s program also recognized more than 300 graduating seniors, including a student who earned an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, LTC (RET) Richard Crossley, the program’s director, previously said.

“This year’s awardees have over $12.8 million in scholarship dollars,” he said. “I’m just proud of what they’ve done this year. Our young leaders, that’s what I’m proud of -- leaders in our schools and in their community.”

Final touches are being put on a video of the virtual event that will posted online for general viewing at a later date, according to JROTC officials.

The District’s JROTC program, founded in 1915 with 100 students, is one of the country’s oldest and is FWISD’s premiere citizenship program.


Application Deadline is June 25

Fort Worth ISD is accepting applications for the 2020 Chairs for Teaching Excellence awards through June 25. There are two Performing Arts Teaching Chair categories and 14 Academic Teaching Chair award categories.

The Chairs for Teaching Excellence program recognizes outstanding classroom teachers with honorary titles of Chairs for Teaching Excellence for one year and a $5,000 honorarium.

Our teachers have risen to the challenge of teaching online, from home. They are more student-centered than ever before, using creative and innovative tools and techniques, including social media, to engage and motivate their students.

Campus Teacher of the Year winners within the last five years (2015 – 2020) or educators who’ve received a significant award in the teaching field within the last five years (2015 – 2020) are eligible to apply.

Applicants who’ve taught in the District for at least three years and have at least a total of five years teaching experience are eligible for the award.

The application submission deadline is 5 p.m., Thursday, June 25. So, apply today!

Performing Arts online applications (music, theater/dance) are available at: https://form.jotform.com/93105417242146

Academic Teaching Chairs online applications (14 non-performing arts categories) are available at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3qcmoaAnUnGy7UGSyydbKbtrXFCByi3z37TArcoTyk2BMWQ/viewform

Teachers with questions are encouraged to contact Judy Ramos, judy.ramos@fwisd.org or Peg Murphy, peg.murphy@fwisd.org.

Senior Spotlight: Leslie Parra

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the weeks leading up to Fort Worth ISD’s virtual graduation ceremonies and in-person celebrations, Inside FWISD will put a spotlight on some of this year’s high school seniors.

Meet Leslie Parra, a graduating senior at Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School.

Leslie was recently awarded the Challenge of Tarrant County Leo C. Benavides Award for demonstrating empathy, compassion and kindness to teachers, friends, and anyone she encounters. She plans to pursue a degree in marketing and use it as a foundation to enter law school.

Congratulations to Leslie and FWISD’s Class of 2020.

Know a senior Inside FWISD should spotlight? Send their story to Inside@fwisd.org.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Inside FWISD Briefs are quick-hit stories of activities and events happening around the District.

Opal Lee To Lead Juneteenth Unity Walk

Opal Lee, a Fort Worth ISD alumna, retired educator and 2019 Wall of Fame honoree, will lead a walk for unity on Juneteenth, Friday, June 19.

In a recent interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy, she explains what inspired her decades-long fight to have Juneteenth recognized as a national holiday.

Read more here.

City of Fort Worth To Observe Juneteenth With Educational Program Friday

Brandi Waller-Pace, a music teacher at Fort Worth ISD's Bruce Shulkey Elementary School, and former FWISD educator Opal Lee are among presenters participating in Fort Worth's Juneteenth observance, Friday, June 19.

A two-hour program, hosted by Fort Worth’s Diversity and Inclusion Department and the Fort Worth Library, in partnership with the city’s Martin Luther King Jr./Juneteenth Employee Committee will air on the city's YouTube and Facebook pages at 11:30 a.m. Friday.

Click here for more information.

Fort Worth Library Collection Celebrates 'Black Boy Joy,' 'Black Girl Magic'

The Fort Worth Public Library has compiled a list of children's books covering race and racism and that celebrate black boys and girls. Hand-picked by Fort Worth librarians, the books celebrating "Black Boy Joy" and "Black Girl Magic" are "great for story time at home," according to the Fort Worth Public Library Twitter page. Check out the collection at bit.ly/JoyandMagic.

For adults, the library has curated a collection on social justice, racism and anti-racism. Check it out at bit.ly/FWPLjustice.

Fort Worth ISD, Dallas ISD and Univision Continue Summer Broadcast of Unidos Para Aprender

Fort Worth ISD, the Dallas ISD and Univision, will continue to broadcast Unidos Para Aprender (Together to Learn) through the summer.

Initially announced in early May, this three-way partnership sought to support student academic progress by supplementing the at-home learning resources Fort Worth ISD and Dallas ISD are providing to Spanish-speaking families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 58-minute daily instruction program was acclaimed by students and parents alike and Univision asked if the project could continue to provide programming through the summer.

Read more here.

Students Receive Free Books At Meals To Go Sites June 11

Volunteers from Broadway Baptist Church distributed 1,300 new books to Fort Worth ISD elementary-aged students at “Meals to Go” pickup sites on Thursday, June 11.

View NBC 5's video of the book distribution here. Information and additional details on the books distributed is available here.

The Online Application for P-EBT is Now Open

Families, your household may be eligible to receive Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) benefits to buy food. P-EBT is for children 5-18 years old who received SNAP food benefits for the month of March 2020 and children up to 21 years old who are certified for free or reduced-price meals at school in Texas during the 2019-20 school year. Children that attend a school that offers free meals to all students (Community Eligibility Provision or CEP) are also eligible.

The online application for P-EBT is now open. For more details, click here.

Hard Work Rewarded: Morningside Elementary fifth grade summer school teachers Mr. Urrutia and Ms. Hughes recently delivered doughnuts and meals to students on Fridays to reward them for remaining focused and engaged during summer school.


FWISD's J.P. Elder MS Serves As Free COVID-19 Testing Site

The Fort Worth ISD is partnering with Kroger Health, the healthcare division of The Kroger Co. and the City of Fort Worth to offer a free drive-thru COVID-19 testing site on Fort Worth’s North Side.

Testing will be offered at Fort Worth ISD’s J.P. Elder Middle School from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. each Tuesday through Saturday. People needing a test will use a virtual screening tool based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to see if they are eligible.

Click here for more details.

CDC Tips on Properly Wearing A Cloth Mask

FWISD Partners With Virtual Care For Kids To Offer Students Telehealth Services

In efforts to reduce COVID-19 spread, the Fort Worth ISD has partnered with Virtual Care for Kids to offer students and their families telehealth services.

Students can see a Texas-based pediatrician within minutes from home virtually via computer, smartphone or tablet for urgent care services including minor colds, the flu, sore throat, cough, ear concerns, headaches, sinus or allergy issues or pink eye. Additionally, Virtual Care for Kids is offering coronavirus screening and testing in English and Spanish. Visit https://urgentcarekids.com/fwisd/ to register for services.

Technology Assistance

More LinkedIn Learning Opportunities

Get access to online training in a variety of subjects with LinkedIn Learning!

Course examples:

  • Microsoft Teams Essential Training
  • Working Remotely
  • Learning to Teach Online
  • Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning
  • Managing Stress for Positive Change
  • Team Collaboration in G (Google) Suite
  • Time Management: Working From Home

and over 13,000 videos more...

A certificate of completion is given for each finished course.

Interested? Go to the link https://bit.ly/2K7c685 to request access to LinkedIn Learning. It may ask you to log in to active directory when clicking on the link.

A limited number of LinkedIn Learning licenses available; licenses will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

Questions? Email Classified Learning at aracely.chavez@fwisd.org.

Employee Assistance Program Resources for FWISD Employees

FinPath Offers FWISD Employees Tips For Managing Finances During Pandemic

FinPath, an employer-paid workplace benefit, is offering Fort Worth ISD employees financial wellness tips, coaching and resources for weathering the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched by the District last fall, FinPath offers employees tips for managing finances and much more. Recent webinars and courses offered by the service have included “Dealing with the Financial Shock of COVID-19” and “Breaking Down the CARES Act and What It Means To You.”

Not using FinPath yet? Click here to activate your account.

For more details on FinPath, visit the FWISD Employee Benefits Portal and click on the Financial Wellness tab.

Blue Zones Health and Food Resources

Since March, Blue Zones Project has responded to the COVID-19 crisis offering immediate resources for local communities in regards to health and food access.

Recently, the organization offered beginner gardeners ideas on easy starter plants to grow and making your next 10 years your best.

Check out more ways Blue Zones Project is working with local agencies to support Fort Worth residents here.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Check www.fwisd.org/COVID-19 regularly for District updates

Follow COVID-19 updates from the City of Fort Worth at fortworthtexas.gov/COVID-19/

FWISD “Meals To Go,” Available from Noon-1:30 p.m. Monday and Thursday

Online Pre-K/ Kindergarten Registration Currently Underway

Gold Seal Programs and Schools of Choice Late Applications being accepted

Unidos Para Aprender, 7 to 8 a.m. Monday- Friday on UniMas 49

Substitute Appreciation Event, June 18

Latinx Testimonios: Solidarity In Action, June 18

FWISD Virtual Graduation Ceremonies, June 20

FWISD In-Person Senior Celebrations, June 19-26

Board of Education meeting, June 23

“Fort Worth: Where the Best Begins” Virtual Summit, June 25

A Community Conversation: Real Talk with FWISD Leaders , June 25

FWISD Chair for Teaching Excellence Application Deadline, June 25

Online Registration Begins, July 1

Open Enrollment for Employee Benefits begins, July 21

Share your story ideas, successes, calendar items, photos, questions and feedback with us at Inside@FWISD.org. Check the Inside FWISD blog, www.fwisd.org/insidefwisd, regularly updated throughout the week with additional content and features.


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